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HOSA Competition Presentation: Public Health

No description

Ashley Purcell

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of HOSA Competition Presentation: Public Health

How does this involve healthcare? Tobacco Free Living Injury Preventing Active Increasing your focus on prevention in our communities will help improve America's health and make America's lives easier The Product What else don't you know? In one month, approximately 5.3 million Americans use prescription or over the counter drugs for non-medical reasons. Public "The Outdoor Texan" almost 30 people die from car crashes involving drunk driving? (1 death every 48 mins)
more than 79,000 people die from alcohol
Prescription drug or over the counter abuse are one of the leading causes behind deaths. (even detected in non-alcoholic car accidents) Did you know? Examples 32.2% of Alabama's adult population is obese
In 2007 36.1% of the population were children
More people spend more than 3 hours watching tv than exercising Did you know? It can cause obesity.
Obesity can cause:
Depression--> leads to thoughts of suicide-->
Low self-esteem
Damage to the body
Some necessary functions might turn off
Bullying What can a nonactive and healthy eating lifestyle lead to? Children are in schools more days and are able to learn better
It increases the work productivity of an adult
Stay focused
Your body gets stronger
And all in all you are a better person What can an active and healthy living lifestyle do for you? injury and violence includes:
car accidents Health Resources National Drug Control Strategy
Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan
Ending the Tobacco Epidemic, A Tobacco Control Strategic Action Plan for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services What is actually in a cigarette? Healthy & Living Eating http://frac.org/initiatives/hunger-and-obesity/obesity-in-the-us/
http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/brfss/display.asp?cat=OB&yr=2011&qkey=8261&state=AL Why is it like this? Healthier foods cost more.
Fast food is easier and cheaper to obtain. attempts of suicide violence free living & What do you think? why fight at all? shooting of Sandy Hook Elementary
hostage situation in Dale County
car accidents involving loved ones How can we stop this? How would i be able to help? increase the usage of seatbelts
not being distracted or driving under the influence What is the national recovery act doing? Support state, tribal, local and territorial agencies in implementing, strengthening, and enforcing transportation safety policies and programs.
Enhance enforcement of current safety regulations, provide training and technical assistance to improve worker safety, and empower workers to report health and safety concerns.
Develop and test innovative and promising strategies to prevent injuries and violence.
Educate adults and youth on actions they can take to prevent injury at home, work, and school and in their communities. excessive & drug abuse alcohol use As best I can remember, I dipped the same brand of tobacco for about 30 years. In seventh grade I started hanging out with a few cowboy types. My father chews tobacco and did back then. But chew never interested me much. A few of my friends dipped, thus I dipped too. The warning labels on the cans of smokeless didn't appear until 1986, and I remember I didn't need to be a certain age to buy it. I even won a trip to the Daytona 500 in 1991 from the makers of my dip. 6 million children (9%) live with at least 1 parent who abuses alcohol or other drugs. These children are more likely to experience abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional) and are more likely to be placed in foster care No matter what profession you are going into all of this will involve you The effects of tobacco: Acetic Acid (Corrosive to respiratory tract)
Acetone (used in nail polish removers.)
Ammonia. (Used in floor and toilet cleaners)
Arsenic (a poison)
Cadmium (Car battery Fluid)
Carbon Monoxide (interferes with the supply of oxygen in the blood to the rest of the body)
DDT/ dielderon (Insecticides)
Ethanol (Alcohol)
Formalin (used in preserving human tissue and fabric) Hexamine (used in explosive compounds)
Hydrogen Cyanide (Poison)
Methane (Petroleum Gas)
Naphthalene (used in moth balls)
Nicotine (Schedule 6 Poison)
Nitro Benzene (a petrol additive)
Phenols (used in disinfectants)
Stearic Acid (used in candle wax)
Toluene (Industrial solvent)
Vinyl Chloride (used in PVC) There are over 4000 chemicals in one cigarette. Here are just a few and what they do: Blindness
Infertility and impotence
Cardiovascular disease and other diseases of the arteries
Gangrene, often resulting in the loss of limbs
Various cancers, especially lung cancer
Less oxygen to the brain and heart
Shortness of breath
Increased blood pressure
Gum disease
Smelly breath and stained teeth
hairy tongue Dont worry The National Prevention Strategy is doing something about all these. They are doing there best to make sure America stays healthy Tobacco also affects the enviroment Tobacco cultivation is responsible for biodiversity losses, land pollution through the use of pesticides, as well as soil degradation, deforestation and water pollution.
Tobacco plants consume nutrients at a higher rate than most crops.
Cigarette-manufacturing machines use up to four miles of paper an hour to roll and package cigarettes.
Cigarette butts are washed into rivers, lakes and the ocean where they are eaten by birds, animals and fish. While the global share of agricultural land used for tobacco growing is less than 1%, its impact on global deforestation is 2–4%, making a visible footprint for climate change.
They can also cause fires. Save your way of life and try your best to help prevent unnecessary incidents from happening
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