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Manor PE 2013

No description

Paul Atkinson

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Manor PE 2013

Manor Physical Education Journey 2013
September 2012
Marking and Feedback
Sharing good practice - ICT
Structure of the department
Next Steps
Quality of Teaching in PE - 3
Achievement of Pupils in PE - 3
Quality of the Curriculum in PE - 2/3
Quality of Leadership and Management of PE - 2
This was based on whole department analysis of subject specific guidelines and 2012 results.
This was my vision for the department and the responsibility was distributed.
Assessment has been embedded and developed in PE for the last 5 years. This year we have:
Linked KS3 assessmet to GCSE practical grades.
Linked the NC grades to the reporting page on SIMS which notifies if teachers are above or below target for pupis
Moderated at KS3 and KS4 more effectively to improve consistence across the department.
Levels are shared every register as pupils now say their level number rather than "Yes, sir/miss.
The department is currently in the strongest position it ever has been with assessment. BTEC is rigorous and all pupils know their level and how to attain it. GCSE is improving and all assessment data is recorded on SIMS. This is used to predict grades and provide intervention. KS3 has developed again this year but is still showing inconsistency between staff even after numerous moderations and support material. Observation walks would support this.
All staff plan using the same template. The planning informs levels, activities and evaluates. The evaluation then links to progress for the next lesson. The planning is collected every half-term and a planning scrutiny is completed by different members of staff.
Planning in the department has changed this year and there is evidence of outstanding planning which links to pupil’s ability to support and challenge. The consistency of staff has inproved dramatically doue to the planning scrutiny.
Accurate, constructive and informative marking is taking place
Teachers mark in green ink
Marking is positive towards pupils with constructive feedback & EBI (Even Better If)
Target sheets in the front of the book are a useful tool when used well
Pupils correct or improve work in red to show progression
Expectations of staff is constantly discussed and updated through the PE bulletin. These are linked into areas for development or Ofsted updates. Paired observations with SLT has proved invaluable for staff development.
Skydrive has been introduced to share good practice. This is not yet embedded with all staff in the department.
Ipads have proved a useful tool especially in KS4.
TWITTER has been introduced to the department and is a bredth of knowledge and CPD. This has been the best good practice I have experienced in 7 years of teaching.
After experiencing a coaching session with the SIP, this has been introduced into the department. It is an excellent tool for sharing good practice, development of teachers, subject enhancement and Teaching & Learning ideas.
Quality of the Curriculum in PE - 2
Achievement of Pupils in PE - 2-
Quality of Teaching in PE - 2-
Quality of Leadership in, and Management of PE - 2+
- This will involve the whole department and looking to involve other subjects. Ashleigh Clark is now involved with a triad to develop cross-curricular links, T&L and a different perspective.
Fertile Questioning
- This has been introduced and will now be developed to support literacy within PE.
- CPD has been delivered and the expectations of staff has been set. It now needs to be embedded throughout lessons.
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