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CFOR 101 (Fa '15) T03 - Relational Spirituality 2 - Loving ourselves correctly, loving others compassionately

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Hartmut Scherer

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of CFOR 101 (Fa '15) T03 - Relational Spirituality 2 - Loving ourselves correctly, loving others compassionately

Relational Spirituality 2
human heart
: Jeremiah 17:9
Seeing Ourselves as God Sees us
Loving ourselves correctly, loving other compassionately
Sources and Image Credit
Hosios_Loukas_(narthex)_-_North_wall_(Washing_the_feet)_04; https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/60/Hosios_Loukas_(narthex)_-_North_wall_(Washing_the_feet)_04.jpg/640px-Hosios_Loukas_(narthex)_-_North_wall_(Washing_the_feet)_04.jpg
Adopted key thoughts from chapter two and three of our textbook
Conformed to His Image
heart lies to us; cannot be cured
other people
can lead to pride or depression
God's word
truth of his Word can challenge us
- fellowship with
God's people
we will get encouragement and correction
- apart from Christ:
How God Sees us
we have nothing and can do nothing of eternal value
- in Christ:
we have become new creatures
Grace addresses both human depravity and human dignity
is not what we do but who and whose we are in Christ (identity -> action)
God’s unconditional love and acceptance of us in Christ
Loving Others Compassionately
liberated from using people to meet our needs
secure enough to serve others
expressing his love in others-centered deeds of kindness
"True greatness is found in those who are willing to serve." (Boa)
- knew his identity (Luke 3:22)
Christ, the Servant
(John 13)
- knew his security (Luke 3:22)
Our identification with Christ leads to and is the basis for our imitation of Christ.
more vulnerable to the pains of rejection
find more joy in serving others
people (VRPs)
Five Kinds of People
people (VIPs)
people (VTPs)
people (VNPs)
- add to our lives and
ignite our passion
- share our passion and
keep us accountable
- catch our passion
- enjoy our passion but
do not contribute to it
people (VDPs)
- sap our passion by
causing conflicts
Treating Difficult People
- treat them with dignity and compassion
- be careful that they will not absorb the majority
of your time
- don't forget to refill your cup!
(pray/search for VRPs and VIPs)
- there is no sin so great that God will
not forgive, but there is no sin so small
that it does not need to be forgiven
- if we forgive we are releasing the right to resentment
and entrust justice to God (Rom 12:19)
- true forgiveness is costly
- forgiveness can be a process (Gen 42-45)
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