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Planning a day trip in Korea - Future Travel


Luke Baumgartner

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Planning a day trip in Korea - Future Travel

Planning a trip
in Korea We'll take... ? How will you get there? ...a bus. ...a train. ...the ferry. ...a car. Team Activity How to plan your day trip... 1. Where will you go?
Places to visit in Korea
2. Why will you go to that place?
Reasons to go
3. How will you get there?
Different kinds of transportation
4. What will you do there?
Activites, Foods to eat
5. When will you go?
Seasons, Dates, Times 3. How will you get there? ... a plane. What are some places to see in Korea? Jeju Island Busan Palaces 1. Where will you go? 2. Why will you go there? Because it is my favorite place to visit. Because it is the most famous place in Korea. Because it has a lot of Korean history. Because it is very interesting. Just because! ? Where and Why... 4. What will you do there? ...at the beach EXAMPLE: Play in the water Play in the sand build a sand castle Beach Volleyball go sun bathing / lay out Surfing wind surfing What activities will you do ? 5. When will you go? Pick a season: Pick a date: Set a time: When... ? ...will you go? You have one day to show your friend from America a little bit of your country, Korea.
You will need to work in your group and plan 'the best' day trip of your life! 1 DAY ...what will YOU do? | HOW TO | HOW TO | HOW TO | Youngin Folk Village - Korean Traditional House Gyeongju Jeonju Sorak Mountain In the summer.... On the 18th of July... We will leave in the morning... Let's talk about your day trip. Where? Why? How? What? When? We are going to go to... We're going there because... We will take... and... When we get there we will... and... We are planning to go in.... on.... at.... Planning a Day Trip 3 minutes 2 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes ... the subway. ...the KTX How, What, When???
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