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Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching

No description

Carly Pumphrey

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching

Danielson Text
Common Themes

Tea Party
3-2-1 Bridge
Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching
Overview of Domains 1-4
Learning Outcomes:
Explore the four domains of the Danielson FfT to...
Shift from a compliance mindset to a growth mindset.
Create action steps for using the FfT to improve teaching and learning.

WCPS Teacher Workshop- ELL Teachers
November 17, 2014
Presented by Courtney Leard and Carly Pumphrey
Read your quote to yourself
Think about the meaning
Mingle around the room
Share/discuss your quote with
2 other teachers
Discuss the meaning
Whole group share out
Consider the Danielson FfT...
3 Thoughts/ideas
2 Questions
1 Fact/Belief
Discuss with your table group
Share: Each table group shares the top 2 questions
Brief Introductory Paragraph: p. 26
Interrelatedness of the Domains and Components: p. 31-32
Domain 1: p. 26-28
Domain 2: p. 28-29
Domain 3: p. 29-30
Domain 4: p.30-31
Groups of Four:
Share what you learned about your assigned Domain
Discuss how this information answers any questions
Discuss how the FfT supports a GROWTH mindset
Equity: p. 32
Cultural Competence: p. 33
High Expectations: p. 33-34
Developmental Appropriateness: p. 34-35
Attention to Individual Students: p. 35
Appropriate Use of Technology: p. 36
Student Assumption of Responsibility: p. 37

How do these "themes" permeate FfT?

How is a compliance mindset different from a growth mindset? In what ways does the FfT support a growth mindset?
As you begin to create an action plan for using the FfT to improve teaching and learning...share a "next step" from this workshop.

Contact Information:
Courtney Leard: leardcou@wcps.k12.md.us
Carly Pumphrey: pumphcar@wcps.k12.md.us
3-2-1 Bridge
After exploring the Danielson FfT...
3 Thoughts/ideas
2 Questions
1 Fact/Belief
Discuss with your table group

Explain how your new responses connect to your initial responses.
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