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Herbology Lesson 7

No description

Rune Phoenix

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Herbology Lesson 7

Lilies hold the Key to Your Heart
Welcome, my friends, to Hogsmeade.
Here, have a lily on me.
Forget where you're from. You're at Hogwarts!
Students, come! I'll show you a rose's properties!

This rose can help out your heart.
Believe it or not, that's the start.
With 40 known uses-
Stem, petal, or juices.
And soon all your ailments
will be clear of you!

Roses can help with your sleep.
And lilies can help your heart beat.
Their scents in the air!
Aromatherapy, fair!
Herbologists know, it's an art!
Lilies hold the key to your heart!

Lily Plants
Commonly recognized for flowers: 3 petals surrounded by 3 sepals. Come in many colors and shapes
Not all produce flowers. Requires a bulb to plant. Plant 1/4 inch into nutrient-rich soil. Requires 5-6 hours of sun and regular water.
Stem grows 1-10 feet tall. Leaves are vital to catch light; turn itto carbohydrates. They're stored in the bulb to produce flowers.
Allow to "die back" naturally, prepares them for dormancy in winter.
Lily leaves are highly variable.
Known to attract birds.
High source of fiber when dried. Many health properties.
Muggles recognize their healing properties. Can regulate heart rate and other heart conditions, like angina.
Interact well with magic (bubs can be stimulated with magic to grow)
Good for treatment of burns and to prevent scar tissue from forming.
Roots can be made into ointment for burns. Also treats spider bites and supports stroke victims in their recovery.
Tea: treats coughs, fevers, stomach disorders, wounds, sores, and good for washing swollen/bruised areas.
Scent: muggles use for aromatherapy. Essential oils are used for depressed individuals (induces happiness and security).
Flower of lily is often and ingredient in anti-depressant potions.
Flower colors: blue, orange, pink, purple, white, yellow.
Shapes: bowl, tunnel, recurved, star, trumpet.
Stem color: mostly green, sometimes red or purple.
Grows in partial to full sunlight. Classified as a shrub, grows 1-20 feet high, 2-4 feet wide, depending on species.
Rose flower color: blue, green, orange, pink, red, white.
Plant in soil with pH of 5.5-7.0 (most home gardens have a pH of 6.5). Check pH through muggle means or with Acidious revealious. Add ground limestone if too acidic, ground sulphur if too alkaline.
Dormant rose shrub looks like a pile of sticks. Use dragon dung for fertilizer. Needs lots of water, but do not drown. Let water sink in before adding more.
Dragon-hide gloves needed to protect from thorns.
Hot season: soak roots 2 times a week. Lots of water occasionally, let water drain.
Unique scents contribute to diversity in medicine. Some species interact with magic better, English Rose being the best.
Rose oil is costly so some corrupt it for profit. Only use pure oil for medicinal purposes It is nontoxic, but consult a healer.
Rose oil distilled from petals. Roses are also used to add flavor to medicines.
First year anno Domini, Pliney the Elder recorded 32 uses of roses. The Herbologist Ponticus listed 36. 4 more have been discovered.
Medicinal uses include: Eye diseases/cataracts, burns, influenza, stomach problems, digestive stimulant, diarrhea, chronic finger sores, snow blindness, astringent, sore throats, rabid dog bites, nosebleeds, antispasmodic, antidepressant, love potions, kidney stones, menstrual regulator, kidneys, cleansing properties, anti-inflammatory, vitamin C source, diuretic seeds, laxative seeds, headaches, colic, cough, dry skin, relieves feminine itching, clears acne, eases grief, insomnia, stress, scurvy by consumption, colds, fevers, swelling, induces sleep, regulates blood thickness, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic.
Herbology Lesson 7
Other Non-Magical Plants
When you're feeling blue
try some lily oil.
When your heart's depressed,
the oil improves!

When you think you can't
Lily oil finds you can can!
Everyone can can can!
You can can can too!

Side effects are all in the past.
That headache is done for at last.
Rose, my dear friend,
You made that swelling end...
Lilies holds the key to your heart!
Though roses would be just as smart!
The lyrics are to Paris Holds the Key (to Your Heart) from Anastasia.Please play video below.
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