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Use Bigger Words!

No description

Carly Lundin

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Use Bigger Words!

Try reading the dictionary
Sign up for the SAT Word of the Day emails
Study vocabulary terms
Finish what you're writing. Whatever you have to do to finish it, do it. Don't wait until the last minute or else your writing will be sloppy. If you organize your time and put forth your best effort then your wording will be well written.
Don't Procrastinate!
If a writer doesn't edit their draft, then their story can only be as good as the mistakes that are in it.
Rewriting and Editing is Key!
If the sentence isn't fluent, it won't sound right being spoken aloud; it will sound awkward and erroneous when reread.
Have Sentence Fluency
Use Bigger Words!
By: Me :)
How NOT to Look Silly With Your Writing
A Great Thesis!
A great thesis can make way for a great paper. The thesis is what draws the reader in and gives them the 'want' to read on. In other words, give a thesis that's interesting.
Spelling is highly important. If your sentences are filled with misspellings then you might just look a little stupid..
Have a friend read over your paper.
Put down the story and come back the next day to reread what you've already written. That way, you can read off any mistakes.
Give your writings to your teacher to proof read.
People are intrigued by big words! Using bigger words not only make you look smart, but also influence others to use big words as well.
Big: Mountainous, Tremendous
Pretty: Fetching, Appealing
Organize your schedule
Plan your day
Organize your time
Read the sentence to yourself aloud
Ask yourself "
Does that sound right?
If not, try rearranging the words and modifiers to make the sentence fluent.
If that doesn't work, create a new sentence.
Proof read
Check with the dictionary
They created spell check for a reason
Use words you know how to spell
My Weaknesses
I need to keep working on:

giving more supporting details/examples
vague thesis
My Strengths
My strengths in writing are:

sentence structure
topic research
using more educated words
Be captivating
Stick to the topic
Ask yourself, "Would this interest Me to keep reading?"
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