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"I am a Filipino" a poem about the love for country

A poem for the love of country

Brainard Pavon

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of "I am a Filipino" a poem about the love for country

I am a Filipino
I am blessed to live in a peaceful place,
where beauty is in, where love can't be erased.
I am proud of my blood; I am proud of my race;
I am a Filipino, clever to fix a maze.
I am born in a country of courage and integrity,
It is my honor to live with full dignity,
I am raised in a culture of trust and honesty,
I will remain loyal to all, oh how I love my country.
Our heroes shed their blood to save our nation,
They remained standing despite the condemnation.
Some fought silently; some fought with lamentation;
But none of them gave up to save their generation.

I may not have a sword as sharp as others have,
But I have a heart that won't get tired to love.
I may not have guns to fire bullets,
but I have God from up above.
I am A Filipino; I love the Philippines,
I am ready to die for my country through
the service of excellent
I will obey the laws and protect
its essence
oh God, pave the way, shower me with
your presence.
by Brainard Joseph T. Pavon
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