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The Elements of Argumentative Text

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Fabiola Cineas

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The Elements of Argumentative Text

The Elements of Argumentative Text
What is Informational Text?
Informational text is nonfiction writing whose primary purpose is to present information based on a particular topic (related to the arts, sciences, and social studies).

Examples: Newspaper Articles, Magazine Articles, Biographies
What is argumentative text?
Argumentative text is writing in which an author investigates a topic by presenting a claim and supporting that claim with relevant evidence.

Do not confuse argumentative writing with persuasive writing! Argumentative writing is more like a debate on paper because the writer presents information about both sides of the issue.

How is this different from persuasive writing?

What is the goal of an argumentative text?
Goal: The writer tries to get the reader to accept his perspective/his side as truth.

Goal of Persuasive Writing: The writer tries to get the reader to agree with him/his perspective.
Argumentative text is a specific type of informational text!
What are the elements of an Argumentative Text?

Claim (Thesis Statement)
: The main argument that the writer is making in the text.
: The data a writer uses to support their claim.
: An explanation of how the evidence supports the claim.
: The support for a warrant.
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