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Thermal Bath Peter Zumthor

No description

shan jin

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Thermal Bath Peter Zumthor

More THERMAL BATH The Thermal Bath PETER ZUMTHOR Architect&Intro Peter Zumthor
Born: 1943
Basel, Switzerland
1958 Cabinet making
1963 Basel, Switzerland
1966 Pratt Institute

# The thermal bath in Vals, Switzerland exists as part of an existing 1960s hotel and spa complex. The project is located in an isolated area.
# The location of Vals (1200 m above sea level) prrovides an idealic landscape in both summer and winter (thermal 138).
# The main conceptual idea of Zumthor focuses on the geology of Vals. He treats the bath complex as a volume of rock that is hollowed out of the mountain. Conceptual ideas about light, texture and structure follow this notion. Light&Section Plan Relations HOTEL TYPE: Bath & Spa
ARCHITECT: Peter Zumthor
LOCATION: Vals, Switzerland
GROSS FLOOR AREA: 4000 square meters = 43055.64 sq ft
NUMBER OF FLOORS: 2- Undergound & 1st
STRUCTURE: Stone and Concrete create a monolithic layering and reinforces the ideas of a solid mass with void
ENVELOPE: Stone # The adjoining hotel building is quite vertical and airy. The two level Zumthor project is recessed into the landscape contrasting with the existing. Concept Site Circulation Views Materials The whole building is built by Stone. The section and profile of the structure as a whole is determined by a conscious series of natural stone strata-layer upon layer of Vals Gneiss, quarried 1000 meters further up the valley, transported to the site and built back in to the same slope.
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