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Song Analysis: Macklemore - Otherside

No description

Ritenour Lim

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Song Analysis: Macklemore - Otherside

Song Choice Otherside - Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis Background Information - Ben Haggerty (Macklemore), is an American Musician and has been independently releasing music since 2000
- Gained a significant fanbase over the internet
- Released 3 EPs and 2 albums (The Language of my World, The Heist) without mainstream support
- The Heist released on Oct. 9th 2012, made #1 on the US iTunes download charts and No. 2 on Billboard top 200 charts.
- Works with Ryan Lewis (Producer), Andrew Joslyn (Violin), Owour Arunga (Trumpet) - I really like this song because of its meaning and its message. It tells a story, his story.
- Yes, I do admire Macklemore
- Yes I do like other songs from Macklemore, because just like this song all his other ones have deep meanings and talk about many problems and issues. (Thrift Shop, Make the Money, Can't Hold Us, WINGS etc.) Meaning - Macklemore raps and tells a story about his experience with drugs and the issues/problems it has caused and done throughout his life.
- I think Macklemore targets teenagers and young adults as his audience
- It adresses certain feelings / issues such as the effects drugs does a person and their feelings. Music & Lyrics - Just like many rap songs today that sample music, "Otherside - Macklemore X Ryan Lewis" sampled a beat "Otherside" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
- The song uses violins, a bass line, guitar, and drums.
- The song starts out slow with just a guitar playing in the background and adds in the other instruments as the song progresses and as Macklemore tells his story.
- Line 11: "Not the kind of hit from the kick drum" - Kick drums start. Lyrics match the beat. Devices and Terms Alliteration - Line 9: sip, sittin'
Line 12: base bump
Line 29: cluchin' that cup
Line 42: Follow the formula
Line 52: pass out or play Playstation
Line 59: feeling like a failure Allusions - Line 4: Weezy's sippin' huh? - Refers to Lil' Wayne

- Line 44: This is not Californication - Refers to the TV show Californication where the main character is an addict to sex, drugs and alcohol but is able to deal with his inability to say no. It is also a reference to "Californication"by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers where its message is about how superficial Hollywood is.

- Line 47-48: Despite how Lil' Wayne lives, it's not conducive to being creative. - Macklemore again refers to Lil' Wayne because of his drug addiction and saying how though Lil' Wayne is an addict it has nothing to do with being creative, and how you shouldnt be influenced by that.

- Line 52: But he's an alien, I'd sip that, pass out or play Playstation

- Line 59: Groundhog Day life repeat each time. - referring to the movie "Groundhog Day" where Bill Murray finds out everyday is the same, on repeat. Imagery - Line 9: And then he took a sip, sittin' in the Lincoln thinkin' he was pimpin' as he listen to the system
- Line 21: Wake up, cold sweat, scratchin', itchin'
- Line 28 - 29: His eyelids closed shut, sat back in the chair clutchin' that cup.
- Line 72: Until your stuck, lookin' in the mirror like I can't believe what I've become
Metaphor - Line 52: But he's an alien, I'd sip that, pass out or play Playstation - Macklemore compares Lil' Wayne with an alien because of how he is able to cope with drugs while others aren't. Irony - Line 17-18: Purple rain coated in the throat
Just so healing - he says how cough syrup "heals" him
when in reality the drug is killing him. Point of View - The point of view starts out to be third person, but then later Macklemore tells it from his point of view and what he experienced, first person. Puns - Line 10-11: Little did he know that it was just as addictive as base, Not the kind of hit from the kick drum - "base" has 2 meanings, "bass" and "base (amphetamine)"
Repetition - Line 31: He never got up, he never got up
- Line 32-34: it won't be us, it won't be us, it won't be us, it won't be us, nah, it won't be us. - we keep saying to ourselves that we would never do certain things. Setting - The setting in the music video has a black and white color scheme to represent the past, and what experiences he has had. Structure - Free Verse
- 3 Stanzas
- 78 Lines Theme - Good vs. Evil - Struggle / Fight of addiction - How teens and young adults are influenced by
the media - Peer Pressure Symbolism Line 45: There's no way to glorify this pavement - the pavement symbolizes his life, his path chosen and how he can't explain it. Lord of the Flies - this song relates to the Lord of the Flies by the theme of Good vs. Evil
- Jack's addiction to power
- Line 62-65: I've seen cocaine bring out the demons inside cheatin' and lyin' friendship cease, no peace in the mind
Stealin' and takin' anything to fix the pieces inside
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