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Ethical Consequences of Modern AI

Philosophy and AI, Bachelor AI, University of Amsterdam

Umberto Grandi

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Ethical Consequences of Modern AI

Ethical Consequences of Modern AI
Triggerless weapons
Machines that steal our jobs
Singularity and Extinction
Umberto Grandi
University of Toulouse
What we are able to do

Self-driving cars?
Beat national champions
at an incomprehensible game?
Work assistants (that even look funny)?
Who is responsible for this?
Cost benefit analysis:
more than 1 million dead in car accidents
more than 1 million debates about who is responsible for 1 accident
What might happen
all for the good!
(and the money)
Looking in the crystal ball
Place the following events:
50% vehicles are self-driving
memory download
computers beat humans at go
robots with emotions
first robot replication
automated house-keepers
first colony on Mars
extinctions for overpopulation
nothing to worry about for the moment!
EPSRC principles for robotics
but let's try not be late and sorry
One-Hundred Year Study of AI - Stanford

Future of Life Institute on AI
''AI could spell the end of the human race'', December 2014
Steven Hawkings
''...and early dawn of
a computational revolution''
Eric Horvitz
''With AI we are summoning the demon'', October 2014
Elon Musk
''get ready for hybrid thinking''
Ray Kurzweil
Can we really do the same analysis for war crimes?
It is (not just literally) inhuman to let a
robot decide autonomously on human life
Rich gets richer?
what to expect
a job-less society?
neo-luddist revolution?
endemic unemployement?
byebye low-skilled job
but medical doctors and teachers don't sleep well either
higer leverage for capital gains
lower salaries
the real cause of the disappearance middle class?
(read Moshe Vardi on this)
Nice topic for science fiction

(but read Ray Kurzweil about it)
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