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JJ Williams Slide Deck - HPE

No description

Ali Alatas

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of JJ Williams Slide Deck - HPE

Navy Account
Base Services Dashboard

For Performance ending March 21, 2016
Version 1.0
March 21, 2016
6AGs in Delivery by Claimant
60 NIPR projects >150 days
21 hardware delays
17 circuit delivery delays
8 MILCON delays
5 ATO new site
4 Government OSP delays
2 Government access
1 change of scope/design
1 fiber pathway collapsed
1 installation CLIN recently ordered
All SIPR projects currently <270 days
Next Steps:
Establish a weekly 6AG status meeting between HPE and PMW (Rajan/CEM). 1st meeting held 1 Dec.
Develop consistent 6AG messaging (proposal > Delivery status) for AM’s to deliver to claimant EII staff.
6AG End-to-End Cycle Time – Phase View
Site Survey
In CY2015
Orders completed in avg. ~91 days
75% of orders <= ~119 days
Orders took 0-~380 days to complete
6AG Award
In CY2015
Orders completed in avg. ~31 days
75% of orders <= ~38 days
Orders took 0-~233 days to complete
6AG Install
In CY2015
Orders completed in avg. ~119 days
75% of orders <= ~169 days
Orders took 0-~332 days to complete
For Site Surveys, simple/moderate/complex Classifications do NOT drive cycle time. Cycle time is driven by process pathing each order takes (e.g. reuse versus buy new, site C&A, in-process rework, 6AS vice C5000).
Base Services
Contract Actions (Awards, Task Orders, etc.) this period:
Govt. ordered additional 10K Requests For Change (RFCs) - 5002AD_0626/Task Order 1146; FFYR $XXX
Awarded Wallplug Test, Label & Repair CLINs (11 CLINS total) under NG0214. TCV ~$XXX
HPFS Lease Modifications (Print) - Coterminous to 60 month (~$252 savings in FY16 expense)-pending PCO decision
P&L Actions (Billing, Invoicing, REAs, etc.) this period:
Cosc Back Billing: GAL Sync Project (C5032) - $XXX (Q2), in progress; passed CTR Review
NGEN FY15 Back Billing: ~$XXX ($500K added to April Flash Q2), $200K added as April Q2 opportunity
REAs: Non-Returnable Disk ($XX)-submitted; CPF Seat Funding GAP ($XXX)-submitted; Site Abandonments (quantifying value)-WIP; Manhole Pumping (quantifying value)-WIP
More P&L Actions
Seat Refresh Billing GAP: $XXX FY16 REA Opportunity identified
Scenario: Due to unintended order management behavior, the Customer is able to use existing seat HW for FREE until the seat refresh HW is delivered, causing financial harm to HPE.
HPE building case for Business Process Change/Contract MOD; possible REA to make HPE whole.
Single Screen Program Management (SSMP): Develop tool that combines project/CLIN data from various sources (eMP, SFDC, ALM, etc.) and presents it in a single screen dashboard to manage NGEN services (CLINs) from SOO to Asset Record (invoice).
Objectives: improve billing accuracy, eliminate or drastically reduce need for back billing (eliminate missed billing opportunities), enable HPE to more quickly de-obligate funds, reduce resources required to manage ordered services.
Status: (1) Identifying HPE resources (people)-COMPLETE; requisition necessary database and Web space on HPE network for tool development-WIP; identify all data sources and data fields needed to complete initial phase of development-WIP.
TRMP 10 6AG Site Survey
Govt. requested changes have delayed award: (1) requested HPE reduce the project scope to only TRMP1 and TRMP2 Hostnames (vice Tiers 1 and Tiers 2 as originally requested), (2) remove Simple to Moderate and Moderate to Complex Survey Uplifts, (3) exclude WNYD, (4) exclude Moderate Surveys for electrical inside Data Centers
TRMP 10 6AG Site Survey
PCO staff turnover; new PCO rep (Jose Cervantes) and Andrew Tash (PMW CTO) have now challenged that some TRMP surveys include CLASS 1 HW changes.
HPE has responded to Class I HW concerns (HPE believes all changes are Class II) – under govt. review.
TRMP 10 6AG Site Survey (NG1615)-in government review.
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