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Ancient Olympic Games

No description

Mackenzie Bunk

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Olympic Games

Ancient Olympic Games
First Olympics were held in Athens.
The Greeks didn't have winter Olympics then
They had Running, wrestling, equestrian, javelin, boxing, and jumping.
Pride not prizes.
They were very competitive, it was the goal for the greeks to win.
The men didn't wear clothes while playing. The women couldn't watch, the married women couldn't even go near the arena.
The ancient Olympics had fewer events
Women couldn't compete with the men but they had their own game called the Hera.
Ancient Olympics in Greece
By Mackenzie Bunk and Kolbie Jones
Running was the oldest event in the games. There were three main tracks.
The Stade (One length of the track)
The Diaulos (Two lengths)
The Dolichos (20 or 24 lengths)
The track in the stadium was about 192 metres long (640 ft.) The track was made out of clay covered with sand.
The Pantathalon
Was a competition of five athletic events; Running, Wrestling, Jumping,Discus and Javelin throwing. It was designed to find the best all around athlete. It was demanding strength and endurance.
Chariot Races/Horse races.
Chariot Races
there were chariot races for teams for two or four horses. The cores consistence of 12 laps rounds two posts in the ground. At the start the chariot were released from a special starting gates. As many as 40chariots could take part in one race, and collisions were common.
Horse Races
The basic horse race was run over a distance of about 1,200 metre. In another race the rider dismount and ran the last stretch be side his horse. Jockeys rode bareback and accidents were common. The jockeys was often employed by the horses owner to race for him.
At first the contestants hands were bound with leather thong. Later, special boxing gloves were developed.
A boxing contest could go on for several hours and was only decided when one athlete lost consciousness or coincided defeat. Athletes therefore aimed most of their punches at their opponents heads. Virtually any blow with the hand was permitted.
There were three wrestling events.
Upright: an athlete had to throw his opponent to the ground three times to win.
Ground: Wrestling until some one gives in.
Pankration: Was dangerous. You could use any tactit except biting and eye-gouging was permitted.
Pride not prizes, in the ancient Greece olympics. The winners would win a olive wreath, Palm branches and a wooden ribbons. The might also get a statue in his honor
Metres are greeks meter.
This was the Ancient Greece Olympics Arena
The End!
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