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michael reiken

on 7 August 2018

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Transcript of BNI

Wednesday, April 18 2018
Solar: Present and Future
Solar Industry at Present
Energy Management
Energy Management should always be the first option. Consider:-

- LED Lighting
- New Appliances
- Consumption Monitoring

The QLD Government is offering incentives for high rating appliances.
STC's, LGCS and Feed In Tariffs
Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are currently worth around $33. For a 5kW system, this is a $2950 (approx.) rebate from the Government.

Feed In Tariffs with Ergon are around $0.10.

Some Feed In Tariffs in Victoria offering $0.29 between 3pm-9pm
Solar System Types
High voltage DC system - most
are installed this way
Batteries are here now, and more prevalent every day

Your solar system should be battery compliant/ready
A 100km charge for an electric vehicle will use
16kW per day.

Need to think now if you need extra solar or an expandable system to cater for an electric vehicle.
What We're Doing in Solar At Present
Industry Problems
There are approximately 550,000 orphaned solar systems in Australia (no warranties).

This is due to solar companies and installers going bankrupt.

Always buy and install from a reputable local dealer who uses good products - you want your solar system to last!
Solar System Monitoring
Why is it important?
Excel Power
25 Years and still going strong
Electric Vehicles
The Future of
Renewable Energy
Disadvantages -
- High voltage DC
- Roof top fires
- Inverter becomes single point of failure

Solar System Types
Microinverter Systems
Advantages -
- No single point of failure
- No high voltage DC
- Per panel monitoring

Disadvantage -
- More expensive

We estimate that this bill could double with the new Ergon rate.
CEC: A4272389
Electrical: 69356
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