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Old Yeller

No description

peter henry

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Old Yeller

Old Yeller About this book The book old yeller is about a 14 year old boy named Travis. Travis is in charge of his little brother Arliss and his mom. This story takes place in Texas around the 1860’s. There are many animals that are dangerous where he lives in the woods such as bears wolves and rabid skunks. Not only that but the Native Americans are a threat also. But besides that he is determined to keep them safe. When a dog shows up at his house he has learned that this dog saved his little brothers life and immediately falls in love with it. Until the dog attracts rabies. You to read the rest to find out what happened to the dog. Character Description Old yeller: He is a dog with a past. He wondered to Travis after saving Arliss and Travis’s mothers lives. He was then accepted into the family mostly by Travis and was like another part of the family and then attracted rabies jeopardizing the relationship this dog has built.
Travis: Travis is what this story is based on. He is the back bone of his family of 3 after his dad left. He was the one to always care about old yeller and he was the one to accept old yeller in the first place.
Arliss: Arliss has a important role in this story. He is Travis’s little brother to start with. He also saw old yeller first and was actually saved by old yeller. He also helped Travis all he could.
Katie (aka mother of Travis): Katie is a large part of the work side in this story. She also just like Arliss was in trouble, and was saved by old yeller. She was in charge of the house and everything in it when Travis was in charge of getting dinner and watching out for the family.
Reasons to read this book I would definitely recommend you to buy and read this book immediately. For many different reasons such as it teaches you about life in the 1800’s. Second this book is a classic with a classic ending and you don’t see that a lot these days. Finally you should buy this book because it is interesting and keeps you hook and is hard to put down.
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