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Cinderella Story: Ashputtle

A Cinderella Story

Sarah Rogers

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Cinderella Story: Ashputtle

Cinderella Story: Ashputtle This is one of my favorite Cinderella stories
because I can relate to the traditional Cinderella
story here in the U.S. This one has some awkward events in it which makes it better. Cinderella in most stories, is your typical
single maid mistreated by her stepmother
and stepsisters. In this story its basically the same thing; she is tormented by her stepsisters and stepmother and is getting
help from her bird friends to finish the challenges she faces so she can go to a festival where she will soon marry to a prince.


The stepsisters are rude, very selfish, and cruel.
They are willing to take risks to marry the prince
They both cut off part of their foot to fit into the shoe.
Dislike Cinderella

Very hateful towards Cinderella.
Very immodest with her duaghters.
Greedy, heinous, and rude
Give her daughters up willingly to be rich.
spoils her real daughters

Glass slipper
Father is
Two evil
Evil stepmother
Prince wants Cinderella

V.S. The Walt Disney Cinderella Similarities goes to a ball
fariy godmother helps her
Talking mice
Clean the whole house to go to ball
Pumpkin takes her to ball.
has to be back home before midnight or will turn back into servant
Glass slipper falls off

Happy endings
runs away from prince

Ashputtle Ashputtle Stepsisters cut off their own foot to fit into glass slipper.
Birds help her with her problems
Go to a festival
Prince sets up trap to get her glass slipper I learned from this book to keep trying and never give up even when it gets tough.
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