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Why Hire Me?

No description

Jennifer Wyglinski

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Why Hire Me?

Why Hire Me?
An industry insider
My master's degree in professional writing enabled me to learn new areas of writing and develop skills useful to any writer, such as web and document design.
Always Learning
Easy to work with
While experience and education certainly strengthen a writer's skills and know-how, there's also something to be said for an innate appreciation of and desire to write.
Creative with a flair for words, and a love of writing
A freelancer
Hiring a freelance writer can be a tricky proposition, especially if your first point of contact is a website.

As someone who has worked on both sides of the relationship, I strive to make it as easy, stress-free, and productive as possible.
I write about causes and issues that I believe in, from animal welfare to environmental issues and and education at all levels.
How can my skills, knowledge, and attributes contribute to your next writing project? Read on to find out!
I've hit the ground running in a variety of roles, from managing fundraising programs, to hiring outside vendors, conducting phone interviews, and making last minute production changes.
While it was not an easy decision, I left the industry side of things to focus on what I do best: making an impact through persuasive and skillful writing.

I've since authored dozens of pieces as a paid and volunteer writer in a variety of content areas, and I'm a quick learner.
My education didn't stop when I left school. Far from it. I start each day by reading about the latest research and trends in marketing, fundraising, and writing.
content marketing
social media
mobile optimization
big data
Ask me about what's new in...
public relations
science writing
document design
and more...
web writing & design
rhetoric & communication theory
Throughout my education I explored a multitude of topics:
conducted my thesis research on branding for non-profits
created a public relations plan for an all volunteer organization
analyzed persuasive tactics used by animal rights organizations
wrote articles on the plain language movement, anxiety disorders, and the history of cilantro
produced promotional materials on chimney sweeping services
My freelancing rules
Client responsibilities
Give each project the time it deserves
Don't take on more work than I can handle
Don't take on work unless I am confident that it fits my abilities and skill-set
Accept all feedback with good nature and an open mind
Meet project deadlines and communicate regularly
Provide clear expectations and guidelines from the start
Give me honest and open feedback
Be open to new ideas and suggestions
Provide hard and realistic deadlines
Communicate, communicate, communicate!
I also live by my values.
I've volunteered as an after school tutor, a library page, an animal welfare activist, and more.
And I've stuffed envelopes for a community orchestra, shared my own love of music with nursing home patients, and participated in environmental restoration projects.
When you work with me, you'll get someone who genuinely cares about and respects your organization's commitment to making the world a better place—and understands how to communicate your important messages to others.
Please take a look at my portfolio samples at http://www.jenniferbrown.us/portfolio/portfolio
or contact me at jenwyglinski@outlook.com to learn more.
With my first-hand knowledge gained from working in organizations small and large, I can easily anticipate and understand your needs.
Give me a cup of black coffee and I'm ready to go: whatever your area of focus and medium of communication, I'm up for the challenge.
I have loved writing for as long as I can remember, from my first attempts at publication with a family newsletter (written from the perspective of our cat) to my weekly horror stories that gave some genuine scares to my middle school classmates.
Just as I loved using the written word to inform and entertain years ago, I look forward to working with you to reach, motivate, and inspire your audiences today.
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