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Self Driving Land/Air/Water Vehicle

This is a cool presentation.you should read it

Jacey Ho

on 5 March 2018

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Transcript of Self Driving Land/Air/Water Vehicle

Self driving land vehicles are safer than
You know air vehicles like airplanes,jets,helicopters
Self Driving Land/Air/Water Vehicle

you maybe thought.They have a bunch of cameras so they know when to stop,go,turn,wait,and know where to go.
Self driving cars will usually never be in an accident.

You know water vehicles like boats,jet skis,speed
boats,and cruises right?I am going to go ahead of that .Have you hear of self driving water vehicles?Well,it is going to be built.
,and more right?Instead of that I am going to make it one step further.Making it self driving

If you want to have a safe life get a self driving car so you can avoid accidents

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