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A Separate Peace

the concept map of the novel A Seperate Peace

Jessica Nims

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of A Separate Peace

The Winter Session... Spring... Fall... 15 years Later....
The novel beings with Gene looking back to his school days at "Devon".
He returns to the school and quotes " I went back to Devon shcool not long a
ago, and found it looking oddly newer than when i was a student there fifteen years before.It seemed
more sedate than I remembered it, more perpendicular and straight-laced, with narrower windows and shinier woodwork,as
though a coat of varnish had been put over everything for better preservation".
Gene is notticing the change of the shcool but doesnt forget the life long memories he shares there.

"What happened, what happened? how did you fall, how could you fall off like that? I just fell his eyes were vaguely on my face" something jiggled and i fell over".
This quote demonstrates, how Gene and Finny are trying to figure out what really happened out on the treee.. and that you can nottice that the relationship between the two best friends is becoming "unstable". Tension is rising between their personalities and the way they are getting along. Five Themes
1. "Loyalty"
After everything Gene stayed loyal to Finny by not enlisting in the army. Gene could have if he wanted
to but once Finny expressed that he didnt want him to Gene decided not to.
Also Finny was worried that Gene might get a new roomate, but he didnt and that
shows how close of fiends that are that Gene would stay loyal and not find a new roomate. 2. "Learning from mistakes/ Redemption"
When Gene has to see his best friend as a "criple"he tries to
always be there for him and help him out with anything.
He knows its his fault and in a way hes trying to own up to his actions. Gene tries to redeem himself by becoming a better person and he learns from his mistakes that joucsting the limb was wrong. 3. "Often people are their own enemies "
Through out the novel Gene was very envious of Finny
and it lead him to do exstreem things. When really Gene was just upset that
he wasnt as good at sports, getting good grades and liked as much as hsi best friend was.
Gene was somewhat trying to be as good as Finnies standards but in the end he was his own enemy
trying to convince himself of one thing from another. what is the cause of Evil?
1. Jelousy and insecurity.
For example: Jelously led to Gene jouncing the limb. Sometimes Jelousy can get the best of us.
This is the Naguammset River..... The Devon River...... Summer Session:
1. Everyones Having fun
2. A new game is invented "blitzball"
3. Finny is there = "More fun"
4.Perfect age "16"/ carefree
5. The war is going on...feels far away..
6.Breaking rules and getting away with it..
Winter Session:
-- Schools are more strict/serious
- Finny isnt ther, everyone feels his absence.
- Gene is sad/guilty/regretful because of the incident.
- WW2 is getting closer, teachers left for war.. John Knowles The winter Carnival... Connection: A separate Peace reminds me of the nove, Lord
Of The Flies. This Novel was about a group of school boys from Britain
that get their plane shot down on an unknown island. The boys have
to work together to survive until they get help. Among the midst
jelousy of the characters arrise. Jack gets envious of Ralph because he was voted to be the head "chief", because of this the group of boys split into two different clans. A clan lead by Ralp and another lead by Jack. . This reminded me of How Gene is jelous of Finny and how they have their differences. Symbolism:
When thinking about the novel "Separate peace", all the events that occur remind me of the common "cold". At first things are fine then within time it progresses to become worse. Their are different symptoms or well in the novel different conflicts that occur between Gene and Finny. When you get a " cold" It takes time to get better this reminded me of how Gene tries to become a better person but within time. 4. "Right From Wrong"
I think that a moral lesson/Theme that John Knowles demonstrates is Ones self learning from his or her mistakes and whats right from wrong. In the novel When Gene jounces the limb, soon after he feels Finnies pain and his guilt overcomes him. Gene realises that his actions caused a greater amount of trouble and complications for his best friends life and knows what he did was wrong. 5. "Trusting one antoher"
When you think about a friendship between two
people you automatically know theres a "Trust factor" and that
a friendship is unstable with out it. In Separate Peace, you can see that once
Gene jounced the limb on Finny that, Finny had a strange feeling or thought about what really happened.
From that it shows Finny was unsure of his best friend at the moment.
Finny quotes " I dont know, I must have Just lost my balance, it must have been that. I did have this idea, this
feeling that when you were standing there beside me, why I dont know, I had a kinf of feeling. But you can't say anyhting for sure from feelings. And this feeling doesn't make sense. It was crazy idea, I must have been delirious. So I just have to forget it. I just fell, thats all."(p.66)
6. "Acceptance of truth"
In the novel both Finny and Gene dont want
to confront the truth and what really happened at the tree. Finny doesnt want to believe that his best friend deliberately jouced the limb. Also on top of that Finny doesnt want to accept that a war is going on. The boys never played in the Naguamsett River, it was desribed
as ugly & saline. It lead out to the ocean, therefore it wasnt as calm
as the Devon River. The devon River was where
all the boys played because it was fresh water, it was in a familiar location near some hills,farms &forests. The best part of it was there was a small waterfall beside the diving dam. The Marble Stair cases symbolises
the most difficult time of Genes experience
at Devon. The stairs was the location where
Finny fell and Broke his leg leading him to have to get his
bone replaced while in surgery "Marrow" enteres his blood
stream and it caused his heart to stop, leading to the death
of his best friend.
Key Events :

1. SuMmEr ends and the boys have to
Return to Devon school. 2. But before summer ends the boys have a ritual of jumping off a tree that leads in the "Devon River"... 3. Gene and Finny were suppost to jump off the tree together but
Instead Gene jounces the limb causing Finny to fall and injure himself,
preventing him from being able to participate in sports at Devon.
4. Now the boys are getting ready head back to school,
but Gene stops and visits Finny at his home and tries to admitt to Finny
that he shoock the branch, But Finny doesnt believe him, thinks hes going
crazy. 5. Now Gene has to go to school with out his best friend by his side.. So he decides to become the assistant crew manager, end up getting in a fight with Cliff Quackenbush doesnt get the postion. Later he find out that Finny wants him to do a sport since he cant.
6. Finny expresses with Gene his dream to go
to the Olympics. Gene decides he will train for the 1944 Olympics and take his place.

7. Gene and Finny decide to Host the first ever winter carnival at Devon school. 8. Brinker now starts to question Gene about how Finny Fell from the tree... He tends to tease Gene alot especially in the "buttroom". 9. Finny is back at school from his injury. Brinker puts Gene on trial, and Finny realises that Gene jounced the limb on purpose. He runs out of the hall and falls on the marble staircase.. which causes him to
break his leg again and need surgery. (bone replacement). 10. Now that Finny is in the enfermary.. Gene sneaks into the enfirmary
but in the moment Finny wants nothing to do with him, hes still upset and angry. 11. The next day, Gene contronts Finny once again and takes all the blame for this wrong actions the communication at this point in the novel is somewhat
descent. 12. Finny goes into surgery but while the doctor is trying to replace the bone , "marrow"gets into his blood stream causing his heart to stop and killing him. You want to conquer
The perpetual fever of jealousy?
I will tell you a great secret:
Just love and become one
With your oneness - heart

- Sri Chinmoy

I was online and found this great saying
by Sri Chinmoy and I thought it related to Separate Peace and how if you love yourself the way you are then Jelousy wouldnt occure. It teaches us to be satisfied with who we are and not envy others. The only way of loving others is if we love ourself first. Devon school Quotes "All others at some point found something in themselves pitted violently against something in the world around them". (p202)

Thought this quotes show how people figure something new about themselves through the stuggles of daily life. That sometimes the hard experience we go through make us realize things about us that we didnt know before. Quote
"This was the tree, and it seemed to me standing there to resemble those men, the giants of your childhood, whom you encounter years later and find that they are not merely smaller in relation to your growth, but that they are...shrunken by age . In this double demotion the old giants have become pigimies while you were looking the other way". (p6)
"when you are sixteen, adults are slightly slightly impressed and almost intimidated by you."
Looking back at this quote, it shows how older folks judge the younger generation
that sometimes its for the better or for the worst. when you are sixteen you sometimes feel like you are the "top game"but relating this back to separate peace not only do adults get impressed and intimidated so do other teenagers at the age of 16. How Gene was intimidated and jelous of his best friend who seemed to be living the perect life. "I should have told him then that he was my best friend also and rounded off what he had said. I started to I nearly did. But something held me back. Perhaps I was stopped by that level of feeling, deeper than thought, which contains the truth."(40)
How do we grow and change?...
Everyone changes and grows through different
experiences that take place in our own lives.
We learn from our mistakes and try to move on from it, things that go on in our lives makes us who we are. Gene learned what he did was wrong and tries to make up for it.

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