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Yonnie Eiden-Giel

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Counterculture

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counterculture_of_the_1960s 1. Read the introduction to this site
2. Does it seem reliable?
3. What is helpful about this site?
4. Why might people consider Wikipedia to be useful?
5. Evaluate the validity of Wikipedia. Of the 1960s The Counterculture http://www.cedarville.edu/resource/education/schools/chca/othergrades/sixties/culture.htm 17. What were the goals of the counterculture?

18. What factors led to these changes in society? http://www.netplaces.com/american-history/the-turbulent-sixties/the-counterculture-of-the-1960s.htm 10. After reading the article, summarize what you believe were 3 biggest events during this era. Include a SHORT description of each event as well as the impact it had on the nation. http://admin.bhbl.neric.org/~mmosall/ushistory/textbook/Chapter%2031%20Politics%20of%20Protest/ch%2031%20sect%201%20Counterculture.pdf Find the section on the Counterculture, read until you get to the heading Impact of the Counterculture:

23. What is a commune? Why would "hippies" want to be a part of these communes?
24. How did religion and spirituality play a role in the counterculture? http://www.buzzle.com/articles/1960s-hippies-fashion.html 11. Describe the "look" of the typical hippie during the 1960s.
12. How was this look different from that of previous generations and why were those differences an issue? http://kclibrary.lonestar.edu/decade60.html 15. What knowledge do we gain of this era by studying the topic you chose?
16. Analyze and discuss the impact your topic had on the counterculture in a short paragraph (4-6 sentences). 6. Explain the name "love generation".
7. Listen to the older couple speak about "rebels without a cause". Why did the older generation struggle with the counterculture?
8. What did San Francisco mean to the counterculture?
9. What is meant by the quote "Changing peoples' cultural values may have to do with changing their state of consciousness"? 19. What is your reaction to the images in the opening scene?
20. What were students in 1960 at Berkeley protesting?
21. Describe Operation Abolition. What is it? What was its impact?
22. Evaluate Berkeley during the 1960s. Good? Bad? In the middle? Then & Now 25. To what extent does our understanding of this era help to understand future generations? Is Wiki right? Change Is Coming Choose one of the topics listed (i.e., books & literature or music or sports, etc.) and answer the following questions: 13. Why was music so important to this generation?
14. Why did Hendrix chose the Star Spangled Banner? (please title your paper:)
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