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Global Medical Brigades 2013!

A presentation to explain my Global Medical Brigades: Nicaragua 2013 trip and why I desperately need donations!!

Cat Mao

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Global Medical Brigades 2013!

The Basics With a little help from my friends... NICARAGUA NOW! Help fund my trip to Nicaragua today...get unlimited free medical advice in the future and the
everlasting gratitude of an aspiring doctor. In the Spring of 2013, I will be taking a trip to Nicaragua with a group of students from my school. Together, we form the Carnegie Mellon University chapter of an international organization called Global Medical Brigades. Here is the Global Medical Brigades website: http://www.globalbrigades.org In short, GMB groups travel to underprivileged communities (both in-state and out-of-country) and set up health and dentistry clinics, business programs, sustainable living programs, clean water developments, etc. THE GOAL: to improve lives by reducing inequalities. This year, Carnegie Mellon's GMB chapter is going to Nicaragua. After interviewing for a highly coveted spot, I have been selected for the 2013 team! So... This is where you (or rather...your greatly appreciated donations) come in! $1,600 will: Fully fund my trip to Nicaragua by covering airfare, housing, necessary medicine, and additional costs to run the health clinic. In return... Finally... In addition, this incredible opportunity is one I will learn and grow from- and having it on my medical school application won't hurt, either! So if not for the Nicaraguans, please consider doing it for my future! I'll surely remember your generosity and return the favor through free medical advice/assistance. (and drugs if you're into that kind of stuff...just kidding!!!)
Half of the population in Nicaragua is below the poverty line. By donating even $20, you'll help reduce the pain and suffering of hundreds of people.

If I've successfully convinced you, here's how to donate! 1.) Go to http://www.empowered.org/CMU-Medical-Brigade-March-2013-Nicaragua# 2.) Click the orange/yellow "Donate" box on the right side 3.) Choose "Make donation on behalf of volunteer" and scroll down to "Cat Mao" 4.) Enter the amount you wish to donate 5.) Pay through either credit card or e-check, and leave me a message if you'd like! Thank you so much in advance for your help. Even if you don't donate, I really appreciate you taking the time to click through this presentation! (it should look like this) Thanks again!! Love,
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