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Meeting of the Minds™

No description

Antoine Eid

on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of Meeting of the Minds™

Meeting of the Minds™
Dr. Antoine Eid

Brain Research
Using your new
Thinking Knowledge
Using your new
Behavioral Knowledge
Activity 1

The Great Karnac

The Brain Functions
“the human brain is estimated to have about one hundred billion nerve cells, two million miles of axons, and a million billion synapses, making it the most complex structure, natural or artificial on earth” (Stephen Helnmann)
“the brain remains a dynamic structure that alters from year to year, day to day, even moment to moment over our lifespan” (Richard Restak)
How many brains do we have?
2 brains!
Nature vs. Nurture
"it helps to choose your parents carefully"
Morning or night person
Attitudes about authority
Reading vs. Television
Choice of politics
Choice of romantic partner
Yelling when you're angry
Biology is part of your destiny
Neurological pathways create values, beliefs and traditions
The case of the Jim Twins
“sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then” (Katharine Hepburn)
“if a man is shaving and you talk to him, he will cut himself” (Barbara and Allan Pease)
“…in fact there is 15% more blood flow in the female brain than in the male, with more brain centers lit up in the female brain at any given moment than in the male” (Michael Gurian)
“the typical teenage girl has a sense of hearing seven times more acute than a teenage boy. That’s why daughters so often complain that their fathers are shouting at them. Dad doesn’t think he’s shouting, but Dad doesn’t hear his voice the way his daughter does.” (Leonard Sax)
Some experiments done in offices have shown that women are 70% better at remembering the location of items found on a desktop
In an interesting study, mothers and fathers were shown 10 seconds video clips of babies fussing, with the sound turned down. Using the visual cues alone, most mothers were able to detect a range of emotions in the babies, from tiredness to hunger to pain. However, less than 10% of fathers could identify more than 2 emotions.
• Women solve math problems by talking them through
Men solve them by thinking them through
• Women prefer written directions
Men prefer maps
• Women are more sensitive and appreciated when men honor their feelings
• Men tend not to be as articulate and fluent when expressing their feelings
• As an argument escalates, men tend to become more rational and aggressive
• As an argument escalates, women become more emotional and talkative
If you can change, why would you want to?
Imagine what would happen if people were different each day they come to work. What holds together as a society is CONSISTENCY IN BEHAVIOR
• Here’s who you are

• Respect who you are

• If you want to consciously change, you can, but research shows that it might be difficult

• If you choose not to change, don’t let others change you

Activity 2
Great Minds DON'T Think Alike!
... if we can't change, the only thing remaining is understanding others...
The Emergenetics Profile
Beirut - October 2014
From Halves to Quadrants
Clear thinker
Logical problem solver
Data driven
Learns by mental analysis
Practical thinker
Likes guidelines
Cautious of new ideas
Learns by doing
Intuitive about people
Socially aware
Learns from others
Intuitive about ideas
Enjoys the unusual
Learns by experimenting
Activity 3
Analyzing Emergenetics Profiles

Team Communication


Activity 4

Activity 5
"If this room was a brain"
Leading questions to find out someone's thinking attributes
How do you reach a project deadline?
Research before action plan
Complete a couple of days before to review and make modifications
What is your ideal working environment?

Whiteboard for diagrams and flowcharts
How do you make important life decisions?
Informed logical decision
How do you assemble a piece of furniture?
Read directions
Lay out pieces to make sure nothing is missing
View construction as game or puzzle
How do you reach a project deadline?
Create a schedule of mini deadlines
Complete the project 1 week before due date
What is your ideal working environment?

Practical layout
Reliable equipment
How do you make important life decisions?
Decisions based on past experience
How do you assemble a piece of furniture?
Review instructions word for word before assembling
Follow instructions step by step
How do you reach a project deadline?
Talk to colleagues, send emails and make phone calls to experts in the subject
What is your ideal working environment?

How do you make important life decisions?
Seek advice of friends and loved ones
How do you assemble a piece of furniture?
Why read directions when I can ask someone who assembled the same piece before?
How do you reach a project deadline?
Search for new ideas then wait until I get inspired
This usually happens right before the deadline
What is your ideal working environment?

Feng Shui
How do you make important life decisions?
Decisions based on intuition
How do you assemble a piece of furniture?
Look at the picture on the box, dump the pieces on the floor
Begin assembling before looking at the instructions
Leading questions to find out someone's behavioral attributes
What do you do waiting for a meeting to begin?

Review the agenda
and check cellphone
Talk to someone until the
meeting begins
How do you deal with confrontation in a management meeting?
Talk when asked my opinion

Offer and defend my opinion anyways
How do you deal with your manager giving you a change in your project?
Hesitant towards change
Whatever. I'll go with the flow
Writing Styles









Shorter messages
Uses exclamation points!
Uses "I" a lot
Uses conciliatory language
Forceful opinions
Ambitious ideas
Repeats the same
ideas while remaining
Says the same thing in different ways
Managerial Styles

Likes technical information
Rational (not emotional)
Likes evidence
Gets involved in technical/scientific discussions

Can be seen as: Intimidating, distant/cold, not understanding, nerdy, boring
Detail oriented
Likes stability
Maintains rules and lines of authority
Driven by productivity/efficiency
Takes care of logistics
Leads by example

Can be seen as: Rigid, controlling, unimaginative, micromanager,
someone who can't delegate,
Interested in policies that affect employees
Good communicator
Prefers face-to-face interaction
Encouraging and collaborative
Values relationships

Can be seen as: Emotional, Irrational,
Overly sensitive, soft-hearted

Likes experimenting
Likes big pictures, visions and long
term ideas
Open to last-minute inspirations
Is not structured
Gives no specific directives
Expects employees to connect to the
values and goals

Can be seen as: Impractical, Inattentive, Scattered, undisciplined, gambler, not
Careful choice of words
Allows others to start the conversation
Neutral body language
Good listener
Shares information
Facial expressions and gestures
Visits frequently
Speaks quietly
Leads by influence
High expectations from others
Follows ground rules
Firm commitment to convictions
Comfortable with equal partnership
Open to suggestions
Accommodates last minute revisions
Can handle crises
Keeps things open-ended
Figures out alternative approaches
Activity 5
"If this room was a brain"
How to present to different styles?
Give objectives
Budget in numerical form
Use logic, data, facts and clear language
Written information
Capital letters instead of cursive
Graphs and charts
Begin and end on time
Include examples and personal experience
Prepare an agenda
Follow a sequence
Include a lot of details
Neat presentation
Highlight important information
Provide handouts
Be task-oriented
Provide time for Q&A
Definitely respect time!
Share personal information and credentials
Make eye contact
Illustrate key information with stories
Show emotion
Include pictures of people
Allow time for discussion
Acknowledge emotions
Move quickly
Provide vision
Speak fluently
Present in pictures
Use colors
Change style every 15 minutes
Use metaphors
Change seats
Summarize as you go
Let them use their imagination
No role playing!
Use group setting
Be patient and acknowledging
Allow time for response
Provide directions

Present challenges and debates
Make no errors
Follow rules
Acknowledge errors and move on
Provide focus

Selling and Marketing to different profiles
Use your new Emergenetics knowledge to determine your customers profiles
Develop rapport based on profiles
Modify your presentation based on profiles
Answer questions and objections based on profiles
Control listening/talking based on customer Expressiveness
Recruiting based on Profiles!
Hire for Competence

Hire for Preference

Hire to complement your profile

Hire to create a WEteam
Motivating and Rewarding based on Profiles

Believe in their mental capabilities and their contribution to the project
Match the reward to the effort
Motivated by an organized, thoughtful and competent leader
Reward in writing, in a timely manner, and relevant to the time spent on the project
Show respect and trust
Reward in person with a thoughtful gesture
Share the big picture
Reward with something unexpected and imaginative
One-on-one encouragement
Use an open door policy
Discuss openly
Give them a chance to defend their point of view
They might not ask for recognition. Don't forget to reward!
Provide the reward when they ask for it
Don't forget the reward you promised!
Happy with any kind of recognition. Don't use that against them!
How to work on specific Attributes?
Follow the 21 days plan!
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