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Journey to Consumer Insights

No description

Kristen McKinley

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Journey to Consumer Insights

Identify Top Knowledge Gaps
Research Science
Journal articles
Plan and Write TDR Blog Post
What's Next?
Project Overview
Build trust and grow dairy advocates on behalf of America's dairy farmers
About Me
Judy Jarvis and Kristin Schrieber
Erin Coffield
Martha Gibbons
Denise McCarthy
Ellen Wernecke
Chris Cifelli
Jenna Thompson
Many Thanks!
Tips to include more potassium in the diet
Effect of potassium on blood pressure
Potassium in dairy knowledge gap
Address future topics that connect with consumer and health & wellness insights
Continue to gather research and resources that promote and protect consumer confidence in dairy
Closing the Knowledge Gap
Action Steps
Identify top knowledge gaps
Plan and write TDR blog post
Identify relevancy
Catalog misperceptions
Identify Relevancy

*Information retrieved from 2013 Healthcare Professionals Tracker
Research science
neutralize misinformation
and close knowledge gaps about
dairy foods
based information and consumer insights by creating
emotionally-based content
that is aligned with communication themes and evolving storylines
Catalog Misperceptions
Healthcare Professionals Tracker (2013)
Dairy Tracker First Quarter (2014)
Dairy Alternatives
Pesticides, Hormones and Antibiotics in Milk
Milk Pasteurization and Nutrients
"Added ingredients, thickeners or preservatives present in non-dairy milks that may be less healthy to consume"
"Belief that overuse of antibiotics on farms is a "persistent" problem, particularly on "factory farms"
"Belief bolstered by studies that pasteurization removes some nutrients, but also bacteria that is helpful to the immune system"
Researched broader body of science
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