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School Culture

Teacher Leader Academy

Kristen Beaver

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of School Culture

School culture affects
happens in a school,
student achievement. School Culture Triage Survey Gray Elementary School Culture School culture consists of "the
beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors
which characterize a school." They
create a sense of community, family,
and team membership. 36 surveys tallied. Average score for
Professional Collaboration was a 4.14,
Collegiality 4.04, and Self-Determination/Efficacy 4.01. Overall
average was a 68 scoring in the
Monitor and Maintain range. Reactions... Fishbone activity
"What Would A Healthy Performance Culture look Like?"
Green: the things that are needed & we are currently doing
Yellow: the things that are needed &we are doing okay, but could improve on.
Red: the things that are needed, but we are not doing yet. Article: How Do You Change School Culture?
by Douglas Reeves Define what we should not change.
Identify actions/behaviors that are impeding change.
What change tools do we feel would work best with our staff? Why?
As a change team in our school, how can we help lead the way to meaningful reform? "Good is the enemy of great."
Jim Collins
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