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Design Thinking: An Overview

Content credits to Corey Ford & Adam Royalty for the Stanford d.school K12 Lab wiki, Tim Brown for his TED talk, and Larry Leifer for 6 years of mentorship & inspiration. Please remix!

John Nash

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Design Thinking: An Overview

“Fail fast to succeed sooner.”
“All of us are smarter than any of us”
Popular saying at IDEO
Design thinker's mantra
"The people who will be affected by our work and the people who are experiencing analogous situations to the ones we are working on, are the most important people to engage and stay close to."
Stanford d.school Bootleg
"...articulating a process allows you to iterate not just on 'what you are working on' but on 'how you are working on' it."
Stanford d.school Bootleg
"...[allows] you to make changes on the fly, to learn along the way..."
Stanford d.school Bootleg
"...we promote action-oriented behavior, rather than discussion based work."
Stanford d.school Bootleg
"Expressing ideas in a non-verbal way, makes ideas more compelling, helps us see problems & opportunities that discussion may not reveal..."
Stanford d.school Bootleg
"...shared working style and shared intent can help harness the power of bringing different types of thinkers together."
Stanford d.school Bootleg
Design Thinking
Design Thinking
let's try it out...
Flickr CC aka_bersi
Flickr CC italydreamdesign
Stanford d.school k12 Lab Wiki
Stanford d.school k12 Lab Wikihttps://dschool.stanford.edu/groups/k12/wiki/6c04c/Visual_Resources.html
Please clear your table.
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