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No description

Grace Costa

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of Synesthesia

Is synesthesia common ?
How long do you have synesthesia?
Those diagnosed with Synesthesia will have it there whole life. You are born with Synesthesia and it last your whole life time. Synesthesia will not affect the persons life span.
Synesthesia has no cure ! This disease can also not be managed . Those that have it claim to enjoy it. Synesthesia is a enjoyable disease. That can help people memorize things. A man once memorized 22,000 digits of pi .
Synesthesia is genetic
Only 2 percent of the world has this disease
It runs in families multiple members usually have it
What is Synesthesia ?
Synesthesia pros and cons
Men or Women?
Do men or women get synesthesia more often ?

Women get Synesthesia more often then men do. This is because Synesthesia is an X link gene however men still will get it.
By : Grace Costa
Synestheisa is a disease pronounced syn·es·the·sia. People that have Synesthesia will have mixed senses they can see taste and hear colors.Sounds cause them to see colors and shapes. In the video the guy listens to music he sees different things depending on the music change. The fruit and vegetables also effect what he sees

Pros : helps people memorize things because synesthesia is a form of photographic memory.
Cons : It can slow down reading and thinking. In a persons life. Can make people feel isolated and alone.
A photographic memory is the ability to remember all the details you see.
Is it inherited ?
Synesthesia is not common ony 2 percent of the world has this disease . So it is very rare. Few people even know about it.
Synesthesia is different for everyone who has it . This is because different senses combine. In the past there has been sixty different written cases of synesthesia happening.
The reason I picked this topic was because I read a book in this book the protagonist was diagnosed with Synesthesia. This book is called a Mango Shaped Space.It is by: Wendy Mass
Thank You for watching !
This is how a person with Synesthesia would experience life! It can be very chaotic. But very interesting
People that have synesthesia enjoy it
You can taste smell and hear voices
Babies experience the world the same as adults with synethesia would .
People with Synesthesia are surprised to find out that they are different from most people
Synesthesia can make peoples life complicated and confusing but they would feel deprived of senses if it was taken away.
This is not formed by imagination scientist have concurred because there has been so many cases of Synesthesia happening.
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