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Microsoft Office: Gaining Insight into the Life of a College

No description

Dustin Jones

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft Office: Gaining Insight into the Life of a College

Microsoft Office: Gaining Insight into the Life of a College Student
Microsoft's Commercial
Case Overview - Part B
Microsoft hired a team to conduct a study and make recommendations.
They wanted to understand:
the mindset of a typical college student
how students interact with technology
what contributes to the adoption of a technology product by students
how students perceive the value of Microsoft and its competitors
They utilized ethnographic research in the forms of:
Twitter diaries
Technology journals
Focus groups
One-on-one interviews
Case Overview - Part A
Kristena Louie, program manager for MO, strives to develop a digital marketing strategy for the college student market. Engaging this audience is "critical."
Microsoft Business Division publishes these findings:
Google has many university partnerships.
Facebook is becoming increasingly popular.
Microsoft has limited student use.
College students have distinct characteristics.
In regards to school, college students have certain productivity expectations.
After reading Shedding Light on a New Flame, did Microsoft effectively use an ethnographic research approach?
Twitter Diaries
Technology Journals
Focus Groups
One-on-one Conversations
How will Microsoft's new mission statement effect its future?
"to create a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses that empower people around the globe at home, at work and on the go, for the activities they value most"
1. Establish a charter.
2. Generate and sense many
3. Screen opportunities.
4. Develop promising opportunities.
5. Select exceptional opportunities.
6. Reflect on the results and the
Opportunity Identification Process
Idea Tournament
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