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Dalma Riczu

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Hungary

Hungary couldn't gain independence in 1848-49, but the weakened Austria was forced to cooperate with the country. The result of the Compromise of 1867 was the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Let's dare to be big!

Budapest became a global city...
The Russian bear and the Austrian eagle execute Hungary
Area: 93,030 qkm
Capital: Budapest
Population: 9,88 millions
Location in Europe
The Hungarian Conquest
The Hungarians lived around the
Ural Mountain.
They started their migration from this area toward the Carpathians Basin for centuries.
The seven chieftains were the leader of the seven tribes of the Hungarians. They settled down at the turn of
the 9th and 10th century.
Debate on Hungarian origin based on the fact that Hungarian is member of the
Finno-Ugric language family
, not Slavic!
Member state of the European Union since 2004
Government: Parliamentary republic
Prime Minister (head of state):
Orbán Viktor
President (representative function):
Áder János
Location: Budapest
It was built in a Baroque and Neo-Gothic style between 1885 and 1904.
The biggest parliament in Europe.
Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867
Franz Joseph I.
Austro-Hungarian coat of arms
For 300 years foreign kings were on the throne of Hungary, who had ignored laws of the country.
Linked to other European Revolutions Hungary desired to be independent.
The revolution broke out on
15 March
1848 in Pest. We honor the memory of this day every year, so this is one of our National Day
Austria could defeat the Hungarian troops just with help of the Russian army.
Many people were imprisoned and sentenced to death. The 13 most important generals were executed.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Budapest
Budai Castle District
and the view of the banks of the

Andrássy Avenue
Heroes Square
Saint Stephan
, the first king of Hungary, marks the beginning of Hungarian statehood
He converted the counrty to a
Christian kingdom
Hungary's other important Nation Day is
20th August
The country of water
Budapest the only capital city in the world that is rich in
thermal waters
with healing qualities.
But the whole country is extremely rich in this.
The public bath culture started in the Roman Age.
Two Roman provinces belonged to the Carpathian Basin.
Széchenyi thermal baths
Budapest 2000 years ago
A power in water
Outstanding sport achievements:
swimming, rowing, water polo
National Water Polo Team won
12 European championships
9 World championships
titles and
9 Olympic gold medals

A historical tragedy is connected to the success of the
Olympics in Melbourne.
Although the spots of serious fights were the streets of Budapest. In the swimming pool of the Olympic Games the game had a bloody end.
Hungarian Revolution of 1956
" the best untold story ever "
Q. Tarantino

Soviet occupation of Hungary between 1945 - 1990
October 23rd
1956 peaceful demonstration began in Budapest. Tens of thousands of people demanded an end of the Soviet rule.
The peaceful demonstration...
... cause of the appearance of Soviet tanks...
...became a Revolution.
Hungarians suffered a cruel defeat.
Consequences of the Treaty of Trianon:
Hungarian minorities in the Carpathian Basin
Georges Clemenceau
Hungary lost 2/3 parts of its area in 1919-20
István Széchenyi
The Danube
- the Danube passes through or touches the borders of
10 countries
- it originates in the
Black Forest
and it flows
into the
Black See
the Hortobágy
Hungary's largest protected area
it has been inscribed on the
World Heritage List
the second largest
river of Hungary
it can be found in many
Hungarian folk songs
the largest lake
in Central Europe
Balaton cross-swimming
is an important event every year. (5,2 km)
The Tisza River
Hungarian cuisine

Foie gras with stewed apples

Goulash soup
Main course:

Stuffed cabbage with sour cream
Pálinka (made of plum) from Szatmár
Custom when people send the winter away.
The puppet is the symbol of winter which is burnt by people at he end of winter
Easter sprinkling
May tree
The possible reason for this very old tradition is that people believed
in the cleaning, healing and fertility effect of water.
Easter symbols:
painted eggs
, lamb, bunny
Szent Iván éji tűzgyújtás
One of the most significant among the customs of the summer is l
ighting the fire
of Midsummer Night (szentiváni tűzgyújtás) on 24 June.
jump over the fire
People believe those whose jump is very successful will
get married
during the following carnival.
May trees are mainly made by young men for the girl they like.
They erect the tree in front of the girl's house to let the village know where the object of their affection live

"the father of the hydrogen bomb"
Teller Ede
Rubik's cube
- Rubik Ernő
- 3D logic game
- Record: 5,55 mp
- Record blindly: 26,36 mp
- Gábor Dénes
- Internationally rezognized
- Hungarian development company
- www.prezi.com
- Árvai Péter, Somla-Fischer Szabolcs, Halácsy Péter
Development of computer
- Neumann János
- The theory which was created by him is the basis of today's computers
Biro :) (ballpoint pen)
- Bíró László
- Other inventions: washing machine, automatic gear-change, roll-on deodorant
Szilárd Leó
- Szent-Györgyi Albert
- He received the Nobel Prize for his seminal work.
- The paprika from Szeged (Hungary) contains more vitamin-C than the lemon
Telephone exchange
- Puskás Tivadar
- Bell invented the telephone and he invented the telephone exchange.
- When he said “hallo” into the telephone receiver for the first time.
- The phrase
originates from a Hungarian word. Hallom= I hear (in Hungarian).
Hungarian inventors, inventions
- He received the 1971
Nobel Prize in Physics
- He conceived the
nuclear chain reaction
Einstein–Szilárd letter
- other inventions:
electron microscope
Hungarian poppy seed bread pudding
People can find the Hungarian creativity in the kitchen as well
We use many types of ingredients

such as
meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, dairy products and cheeses.
One type of food can be prepeared in
many ways.
A proper ratio of the different kind of spices:
paprika, rosemary, tarragon, cumin.
The Hungarian creativity
- Other inventions:
plasma lamps, TV tubes
Chemistry: 5
Pshysiology/Medicine: 4
Physics: 3
Economics: 3
Peace: 1
Literature: 1
In total: 17 prizes!
Nobel-prize winners
this presentation was created by:
Riczu Dalma és Görög András, scholars of Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program
Supervised / presented by
: Áron Gábor, president of AFHRA
Amitiés France-Hongrie Rhône-Alpes:

"The Hungarian Sea"
Lake Balaton
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