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Charlotte's Web

No description

Anna Runnels

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's web
Charlotte's web
by E.B White
Charlotte's web publication date was in 1952
it was published by HarperCollins publishers

Step 2
main characters


Charlotte A. Cavatica

Fern Arable


Avery Arable

Homer Zuckerman

Step 3

The setting in Charlotte's web is in a american farmland right before the 1950s. The story mostly takes place in a big barn, lots of hay, and bunch of animals.
Charlotte's web is about a baby pig that is born a runt. Fern' father Mr. Arable wants to kill him. Fern begs her father to not kill the pig and to save his little life. Mr. Arable decides to let Fern keep the pig as a pet. The pig is given a name and is named Wilbur. Wilbur meets a bunch of new friends on the barn including a spider named Charlotte. When Wilbur turns five weeks old Fern has no choice but to sell him to another farmer. But the farmer wants Wilbur to be on the table during Christmas time. So Charlotte, Wilbur and fern come up with a plan to keep Wilbur alive and off the table.

The conflict of the story is between templton and Fern. Templeton is always trying to get wilbur killed and fern is trying to save the pig she loves. Templeton tries to get the pig in trouble and become bacon. While fern is trying to keep Wilbur alive and not bacon.
The resolution of the story is when they get rid of templeton so he cant hurt wilbur anymore. For wilbur to get over charlotte's death he becomes friends with three other friends of charlottes that help him get through her death.
Author's Purpose
The authors purpose i think for this book was to mostly entertain his audience. I also think he was trying to tell people that if you work with friends you can do stuff and having your friends back.
The tone of charlotte's web is a sense of peace. Even though the book is sad at parts and makes people want to cry, the book is somewhat peaceful.
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