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Both Parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child

Proving my point, Like a boss.

Mandi Sammich

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Both Parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child

Both Parents should assume equal respoinsibility in raising a child Although, the list doesn't end there; these should be more than enough reasons for both parents to take care of the child they made together. If both parents don't assume responsibility... In Conclusion... Additionally... There's really no manual on how to raise a child, but it's practically known that both parents are to take equal responsibility in this. Sadly, today most children don't grow up with both parents aren't their side. Kids who Grow up without both parents have been proven, according to USCC.org:
to have future commitment issues
are more likely to resort to drugs
are less likely to be successful in life it's like waiting for a disaster to happen. Just think of how that kid would grow up; it would, indeed, be hard to stay on track when being raised in a broken home. Parents need to have their family as a whole for the harmony of the children's psychical life during childhood. It takes two, a mother figure and a father figure to make this work. This is important for not only the life of the child also for the wellness of the world. This is happening everywhere
and maybe, just maybe this world would be a better place if parents would step up and share equal responsibility in raising the child they made together. Children raised within an intact family are more likely to be mentally and physically better off in life. It seems so selfish for parents to get divorced and break up their unity as a family. It's like they don't think of what's best for the child.
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