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The Pygmy Mouse Lemur

No description

summer brown

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The Pygmy Mouse Lemur

weight: about 43 to 55g
tail: 4.75in long
color: brown with a creamy colored under side
length: up to 6.1cm
large eyes
store fat in their tails and their hind legs
Description of organism and adaptations
The Pygmy Mouse Lemur
dry deciduous forests
rarely leave trees
diet consists of fruit,flowers,and insects
Habitat and Diet
seriously at risk of extinction or endangered
loss of woodland habitat
hunted or captured for exotic pet trade
the death rate of the Pygmy Mouse Lemur can not be determined
there are currently about 7,920 Pygmy Mouse Lemurs left in the world
Threat level to species, description of threat,death rate averages,and species remaining
Food web
In the food web the producers which are the grass and the flower transfer 10% of their energy to the primary consumer which is the fork crowned lemur and the secondary consumer which is the pygmy mouse lemur transfers .1% of its energy to the tertiary consumers which are the fossa and the large bird.
Description of food web
symbiosis or a symbiotic relationship is an interaction between two different organisms
There are no symbiotic relationships between the pygmy mouse lemur but there is a predator-prey relationship between the pygmy mouse lemur and large birds
predator-prey relationship is when one organism get eaten by the other
in the predator-prey relationship the pygmy mouse lemur is the prey and the large bird is the predator
In the food web there are also no symbiotic relationships
but there is a predator-prey relationship between the Fossa(predator) and the Pygmy Mouse Lemur(prey)
also a competitive relationship between the Pygmy Mouse Lemur and the Fork Crowned Lemur
a competitive relationship is when two organisms compete for a certain resource
Symbiotic relationships between organism and within food web
if the Pygmy Mouse lemur became extinct the population of insects would increase and the habitat would become overpopulated by insects and the insects would eat all the grass which then would cause the whole food web to collapse.
Extinction impact
traditionally associated with spirits because of their eerie,large eyed stare
the Latin word lemur means ghost
dry deciduous forest
located in Africa
7.1881 degrees north latitude
climate ranges from tropical to subarctic but its northern half is primarily desert or arid
rainfall:1360mm per year
wet and dry season
Interesting facts and biome
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