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What are some of the things that happened to the prisoners w

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cathy phan

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of What are some of the things that happened to the prisoners w

Concentration Camps
What are some of the things that happened to the prisoners when they first got to the camps?

Their heads were shaved and were put into lines
What was selection?
What was the difference between death camps and labor camp?
Death camps(or extermination camps)were to dispose the people who were not needed and labor camps were for people who were in shape and could help out
What happened to the personal items people brought with them?
Personal possessions were taken away, sorted and sold or recycled with the proceeds going to the German government.
What were a crematorium and a gas chamber?
Crematorium were to burn the dead bodies, and gas chambers are rooms that were filled with poisonous gas
Some were selected to help dispose of the corpses.
Once the men and women were separated into different lines, SS doctors conducted a selection process
Here are some pictures that represents some of the things that happened in the Holocaust
Who are responsible for the concentration camps?
Hitler introduced the idea of the concentration camps as soon as he came to power,1933 and told the SS leader to centralize it and form it into a system. (Heinrich Himmler)
One of the most famous camps because it had over 1.5 million Jews that died there.
It established in 1940
When did the Nazi
concentration camps end?
All concentration camps have different end dates because most of them had to wait until they were liberated, by allies like the americans.
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