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The Future of Cars

No description

Joe Clemensen

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of The Future of Cars

0-60 in 3.2 Seconds
Up to 270 Miles of Range
Highest Safety Rating in America
Dual Motor AWD
Literally drives for you. It can follow the road, change lanes when you want it to and it can even park for you. It is completely aware of its surroundings and will warn you when you are trying to merge into an occupied lane or when you are approaching a stopped car to fast. In an emergency The Tesla will safely bring itself to a full stop.
Highest safety rating in America. Was given a 5 star rating in all categories of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test. After they put the electric engine in, then they filled all of the remaining space with impact absorbing boron steel rails. In the event of an accident, eight airbags protect the front and rear passengers, and the battery system automatically disconnects the main power source.
Using a supercharger is as easy as charging your cellphone, you simply drive up, plug your car in, and walk away for about 30 minutes.

Tesla's supercharger team is constantly working around the globe to build new superchargers.
The Future of Cars
Electric Cars
Nissan Leaf
Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive
BMW i8
Renault Twizy
Model S:
Model X:
Has everything above but more options for battery and performance. Also has falcon wing doors.
Fossil fuels are a finite resource and contribute to global climate change. There is a pressing need to develop sustainable alternatives. Once we run out of Fossil Fuels how are we going to find new, quick and easy forms of transportation?
May 14th 1886 the first motor car was invented.
January 17th 1899 an electric car drove 1 mile.
July 19th 1903 Ford Motor Company opens.
The Tesla is named after Nikola Tesla who was an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicist.
Best known for:
Designing alternating current (AC)
Creating free energy
Once we run out of fossil fuels sustainably-sourced electric cars are going to be the future of transportation. Today's electric cars represent the beginning of that industry and have limitations. However, advances found in the Tesla Model S show the promise for leaps in technological innovation that will deliver practical, efficient and enticing electric vehicles that will gain widespread adoption. Because of all of the different electric cars today and the difference in prices for each one it might be harder to choose the right electric car. Electric cars are desirable because they don't pollute the air as much as the gasoline cars do. The best electric car to buy would be the Tesla Model S, the reason behind that is that it has two batteries in it. Having two batteries means that it will hold more of a charge than other cars and will also provide more miles.
Isaac Sawvel & Joe Clemensen
Works Cited
Annual global emission CO2 1965-2012 by Jeffrey Sachs, The Age of Sustainability Development, Columbia university Press. 2015. Page 406
A Tesla model S is a surprisingly fast car, when you hear about an electric car you don't think of a car like a hellcat. In this video there is model S going against a hellcat in a quick race. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1096369_tesla-p85d-destroys-dodge-challenger-hellcat-on-dragstrip-electric-car-thrashes-707-hp-hemi-video
Tesla model S
Chevy Volt
BMW i3
Chevy Spark
Fiat 500e
Ford Focus electric
Maximum distance traveled on electricity alone
Total fuel costs in 5 years
Comparison of Hybrid & All-Electric Car Cost Savings
The above chart presents a cost comparison of the all-electric Tesla Model S with 5 major Hybrid vehicles. The Tesla is capable of traveling 253 miles on a fully charged battery; the Chevy Volt, for example, can only travel 38 miles on electricity alone with a fully charged battery. Over a 5 year period, the total savings in fuel costs for the Tesla is $5000, compared with total savings in 5 years for the Chevy Volt of $4,250.
There are many different types of electric automobiles to compare to one another. This link shows cars that you can buy and some information about them. http://electriccarbuyer.com/compare.aspx
An electric car is a car that runs on an electric battery and is better for the environment compared to a gas using car.
When cars burn fuel it produces nitrogen pollution. When this nitrogen gets into the air it becomes harmful to humans and the environment. In buying and using electric cars we can reduce the nitrogen rate in the world and start to help the environment.
The automobile started off as an electric car that would start from cranking the front of the car. It went from electric to gasoline cars which was introduced in 1885. Now in the past ten years people have started to make new electric cars that are running on purely electric.
Facts about electric cars
Subaru dealership
Toyota dealership
Automobile history
Procedural steps
To research about the electric cars I went to different websites and went to car dealership
Top 9 electric cars
Smart ForTwo Coupe: 68 miles ($25,000) ...
Focus Electric: 76 miles ($29,170) ...
BMW i3: 81 miles ($41,350) ...
Chevy Spark EV: 82 miles ($26,685) ...
Nissan Leaf: 84 miles ($29,010) ...
Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive: 85 miles ($41,450) ...
Fiat 500e: 87 miles ($32,300) ...
RAV4 EV: 103 miles ($49,800)

procedural steps
My research followed the following steps:
I searched the internet to limit the number of all-electric cars to consider.
I chose the top 9 cars based on their sales figures in the U.S. These cars are as follows:
Smart Car For Two Coupe ($28,000)
Ford Focus Electric ($29,170)
BMW i3 ($41,350)
Chevy Spark EV ($26,685)
Nissan Leaf ($29,010)
Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive ($41,450)
Fiat 500e ($32,300)
RAV4 EV ($49,800)
I recorded the mileage each car was capable of reaching with a full battery charge.
I compared these maximum mileage figures with the distribution of charging stations across the U.S.
I combined the cost and maximum mileage data to arrive at a "best all-electric car" conclusion.
Statement of Research Questions

Why are all-electric cars desirable?
Which electric car is the "best buy"?
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