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Focusing on Genre: Tall tales

No description

whitney westfall

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Focusing on Genre: Tall tales

Focusing on Genre: Tall Tales
The Tale of Tall Tales
Out on the frontier of the 1800s, American settlers liked to exaggerate. They created heroes and heroines who were larger than life and did amazing deeds. The result was a new kind of story-the tall tale.
Tall tales are still told today. After students read various tall tale stories, they will be able to identify, comprehend, and add to the tall tale tradition by completing engaging activities that will help them better understand this enriching tradition!
Students will read about...
Paul Bunyan, the Mightest Logger of Them All
John Henry and the Legendary Steam Drill Race
Sally Ann Thunder Ann
And other tall tale stories

Role 1: Reader
Role 2: Character
Role 3: Writer
Role 4: Narrator
Task for Role 1

You are can't wait to begin learning about tall tales. So, you decide to take matters into your own hands and begin reading a story on your own. You see various tall tale books placed on display on the reading table. Your job is to choose ONE of these books and read the story. After you read the story, put a power point together which could be used to inform an audience of the following things: your name, title of story, setting, characters, exaggerated events, if you liked or disliked story and why.
Task for Role 2

You see a very old book on the teacher’s desk with intricate designs and...wait a minute...is it glowing? Hmmmm...You just can't resist so you walk over to the book and see a note attached. It reads, "HANDS OFF! DO NOT TOUCH AND DEFINITELY DO NOT OPEN!!!" You realize that it would be wise to walk away from the book and go back to your desk, but your curiosity won't let you. You’re intrigued and must see what's inside. As you look around the room to make sure no one is watching, you slowly open the book. WHAM! You open your eyes and realize you are standing inside the book. But you’re not alone. There are various tall tale characters you’ve been learning about surrounding you.

Your job is to brainstorm about what characteristics you will have as a tall tale character. After getting some ideas, use www.prezi.com and the snipping tool to show an audience what your completed character will look like. You should include clothes you will wear, what your large than life skills will be, and anything else that will pertain to your character.
Task for Role 3

After reading numerous tall tale stories, you begin to day dream about what it would be like to write your own. You think how cool would it be to create your own story line, characters, setting, and larger than life tall tale characteristics. About this time, your teacher announces that there will be a contest, and your class was chosen to participate. To your surprise, the contest will be on writing a tall tale story. The winner gets a life-long supply of books AND will get their story published!

Your job is to create and write your own tall tale story using photo story.
Task for Role 4

Your job is to add narration to your Photostory. You will use a microphone to add your voice to the story so you can seal the deal and WIN THE CONTEST! Have fun and good luck! :)
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