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Which Brand of Gum Keeps Its Flavor the longest?

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Emily Scuderi

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Which Brand of Gum Keeps Its Flavor the longest?

1. Chew one type of gum and time it with the stopwatch.

2. When the gum runs out of flavor, write down the time on the log.

3. Do this with the other three brands of gum.
I had three different people chew four different brands of spearmint gum. Each one was timed until the flavor ran out. Stride’s flavor lasted the longest. Its times were 41:50, 45:14, and 39:31. Extra’s flavor lasted the second longest. It had the times of 26:17, 29:15, and 29:04. Trident came in third place, with the times 19:43, 25:59, and 23:46. In last place, Wrigley’s Original’s times were 19:43, 17:30, and 24:22.
The purpose of my experiment is to find out which brand of Spearmint gum keeps its flavor longest. I chose this question because I have always wondered since I first started chewing gum which brand lasts the longest, or if there really is an answer. I also thought it might be helpful to know so you can get your money’s worth. I am testing four brands in my experiment: Trident, Extra, Stride, and Wrigley’s original. These are all sugar free except Wrigley’s original which has sugar. Which brand do you think keeps its flavor the longest?
The independent variable is the brand of gum. The dependent variable is how long the flavor lasts for each brand. The controlled variables are the flavor of gum, the same person chewing, and the same amount of gum given.
The purpose of this experiment was to identify which brand of Spearmint gum holds its flavor the longest. The four brands I chose were Wrigley’s Original, Extra, Trident, and Stride. My hypothesis was that Trident brand would last the longest and Wrigley’s Original would last the shortest. I used three people in my test. Each person chewed the same amount of gum at a time and the gum was all the same flavor, spearmint. All the gum was bought at the same time from the same store. Each person chewed all four brands of gum. When chewing, they timed themselves with a stopwatch. When they believed the gum ran out of flavor, they stopped the timer and recorded the time. My hypothesis was incorrect. Instead of Trident, Stride lasted the longest. However, Wrigley’s did keep its flavor for the shortest amount of time. In the future, I would add more people and people of different ages to do the study.

Which Brand of Gum Keeps Its Flavor the Longest?
Based on my research, my hypothesis is that Trident Spearmint gum will keep its flavor the longest. Trident gum is sugar free and has less than 2% aspartame. Also, from previous experience in chewing gum, I know that Trident gum lasts a long time. I also predict that Wrigley’s Original will keep its flavor the shortest amount of time because it has sugar and more aspartame.
-Trident Spearmint Gum
-Stride Spearmint Gum
-Wrigley’s Original Spearmint Gum
-Extra Spearmint Gum
-Data Collection/ Log

Which brand of spearmint gum keeps its flavor the longest? My hypothesis, Trident gum will keep its flavor the longest, was incorrect. Stride kept its flavor the longest. I think my hypothesis was incorrect because Trident has more aspartame than Stride. My second hypothesis, Wrigley’s Original would last the shortest amount of time, was correct. Wrigley’s Original has sugar and aspartame. I learned that you should buy Stride in order to get your money’s worth. If I were to do this experiment again I would have more people do the experiment. I would also have more people of different ages. If I used five adults and five kids I think the results would stay the same, but it would be more of a true test with more people.
by: Emily Scuderi
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