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Music and Fashion through the Decades

No description

Jasmine Blakey

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Music and Fashion through the Decades

Music and Fashion through the Decades
Making a statement in the 80's was easy, whether were you were kooky and bright like Cyndi Lauper, smart and sensible like Princess Diana, or punk like Madonna, there was always a shop to fit your preference. Large earrings (or knockers), fingerless gloves, Dr. Martens, Jelly shoes and shoulder pads were essentials.
The 90's
The 90s were well known for its shapeless couture slouchy sweaters being worn by women of all stature and sizes. Too-long sleeves, heavy knitted fabrics, tight necklines and often, an irregular, oblong hem. And if it’s too big, then put a belt around it! 90s was all about florescent, scrunched socks, stirrup leggings, big sweaters, ponytail to the side, big hair scrunchies

The 60's Fashion
The 00's Fashion
Heelies, graphic tee shirts and frosted tips were a major craze, though not the most fashionable. Strange combinations such as a dress made of denim or patchwork camo trousers were the norm.
The music that defined the decade, DISCO. Although this craze didn't last very long, it was widely embraced while it lasted. Van McCoy's "The Hustle" has often been referred to as the first disco song created. The Bee Gees also boosted popularity by providing the sound track to the movie "Saturday Night Fever".
The 70's Fashion
Fashion in the 70's was fun and flamboyant. It incorporated the best elements of the 60's with a bunch of new trends that came to define the 70's. Trousers, skirts and sleeves flared out, and white, skin tight vinyl boots were a must for women. Disco suits (like John Travolta) were needed for any discos and gaudy vests over collared shirts were also an everyday item for men.
The 80's
80's music!
The 80's were known for their rock music, with 0zzy Osborne, Maiden and Motorhead taking over the music industry. Some of the biggest names in pop, were Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Prince. Michael Jackson made history, with his album Thriller,
going platinum in over 12 countries, and
diamond in every other one. But the music
video to Thriller was so complex, it influences
music videos to this day.
Here is 2 videos showing the evolution of:

Music Fashion
The 60's introduced the model "Twiggy". Twiggy was called so because of her skinny, stick like stature. She also sported large, doll like eyes with very over-dramatized eyelashes. The 1950's also influenced a lot of early 60'sfashion, so lots of styles were very elegant. For example, Audrey Hepburn in
"Breakfast at Tiffanys" (1961) shows this
style. In 1964 Mary Quant introduced the
mini skirt, and changed fashion as we
know it.
Big influences in the 60's were the Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. A style of music called "Motown" was still hugely popular from the 50's, with a band called The Miracles hitting the top two spot in the Billboard top 100.
Music in the 90's is really quite different to any previous decade. With "girl power" being fulled by the Spice Girls.
On a completely different "planet" to the spice girls was Nirvana. Nirvana had lead singer, Kurt Cobain who later died. Nirvana focused on grunge music. Mariah Carey was also a huge hit, using her very special vocal talents to hit whistle notes. The other main girl group was Destinies Child,
c feauturing Beyonce, who (obviously) later went went solo
Not the best decade for music, compared to the previous ones! With cheesy classics such as "Oops I did it again" from Britney Spears, "Drop it Like it's Hot" by Snoop Dog and Pharell and the start of One Direction in the X Factor!!! With clean cut Disney Stars such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez working their way up the Billboard, pop music slowly got more and more cheesy.

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