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Daniel Lee/Sci8/C block


Lee Daniel

on 11 February 2010

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Transcript of Daniel Lee/Sci8/C block

Foreensics Table of contents What are forensics?
The types of forensics.
- Helium-neon laser
- Fluoram
- X-Ray
- Pore Patterns
What are forensics? Forensic science are the studies about the uniqueness of all human beings.
They are mostly used in searching a crime.
This also show proof of the situation that has taken place and how it happened by using the legal system brought before a court of law.
Helium-neon laser What is helium-neon laser?
- It is a laser made out of 10:7 of neon and helium.
It finds out the blood cells and is a great equipment to use in an investigation search in a crime.

- We can also use them in surgery, medical usage, and also other places.
- We can use them for watching hologram pictures or movies because of this material.

- They have a sight amount of helium which might be dangerous when you use it on human’s body without any permeation.
- It has a light voltage which might could hurt visible objects.

How does this effect the society or environment?
- This could be used for searching clues for after crimes and help others.
- But this could also used as a weapon and hurt others with it’s dangerous power. (there might be more crime because of this…)
Fluorcam What is Fluoram?
- By taking a photo of a leaf or a material, we could notice the temperature of that material.

- We can know when the crime had happen and estimate when might the criminal would have done the crime at a specific time.

- It is very broad when you see only the color. So you will have to use it with the specific diagrams with examples about them.

How does this effect the society or environment?
- This could affect our society by noticing some of the clues for a crime, and this could help
X-Ray What is a X-Ray?
- With a visible light called photons, these particles goes into our body and records them into our body. But still they can’t go though lead.

- They could be used to see if the victim’s body which might be dead, can get some bullet points and could get some clue what have happened by that crime to that victim’s body.

- Because X-Ray uses a lot of energy which is transferred to electrons, will have a huge damage. That is because it does a lot of damage into a small area.
How does this effect the society or environment?
- X-Rays could be good for medical issues and also clues for dead bodies, but we have to make sure that we don’t use them for a long time, because in one x-ray is very harmful!

Fingerprints, Pore patterns What is pore patterns?
- When you have a finger, there is those little holes which air goes in and out of your hand. And with that sample we could search, who that person is. For better look, scientist use nitrocellulose.

- These are great for catching criminals and could know easy just one clue where they have touched with their fingerprints, we could know who that person is!

- Others could use them as searching the people who they want to revenge on which is quite a serious problem.

How does this effect the society or environment?
- By this a lot of people might as well be protected by those criminals who will dare to murder us, but it could be true which it could used as a revenging machine also.

Citation http://www.ehow.com/facts_5377542_different-types-forensics.html
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