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No description

Lisa Verhasselt

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Autism

Autism? Our ideas ..
Autism is a disability with no cure. You are born with it and you can not catch autism from someone. Autism can affect people in many ways. Today you will find out about autism.
The mystery called Autism
Prevalence of autism
Rain man
Jolien Boosten, Aline Meylemans en Lisa Verhasselt
The mystery called Autism

- LISA: ''I think i would recognize it in most cases. But I'm sure that there are some types of autism you can't recognize. I know the film <<Rain Man>>, it's about a guy who has autism''
- ALINE: "I don't think I would recognize autism immediately. It depends on the person who has it, and how strong he has it. I already knew the movie <<Rain Man>>. It's about Charlie who finds out he has an autistic brother."
-JOLIEN: "I have a cousin who has a severe type of autism. So I think it isn't that hard for me to recognize the symptoms. I didn't know the movie <<Rain Man>> but after seeing the trailer I think it's a lovely movie."
Additional information
- Neurological disorder
- Varies from person to person
- Every social class
- Hurt themselves
- Fixed habits
- Senses aren't well integrated
- Angry
- Eye-contact
- Treated, not cured
- Disability
- Neurological disorder
- Communicate + interact
- Leisure / play activities
- Degrees
- Charlie and Raymond
- Autism
- Money
- Bonding
- Act different
- Delay language
- Monologue
- Aggressive / self-injurious
- Sensitive to sound

- car dealer
- car + secret brother
- Raymond = autism + heritage
- good memory (plane crashes)
- Las Vegas: money + kicked out
- institution + need for his brother
- Raymond=Rain man

- Eye contact
- Language
- Cured
- Affection
- Abnormalities
- Heredity
- Genetic /medical

- 1 in 166 USA
- 10/17% per year
- Any family and child
- 4 > boys
- Autism-Spectrum Quotient
- Story: living with autism
Ex. 2.12
Ex. 2.13
Ex. 2.11
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