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US History: Chapter 2: Section 4-Settlement of the Middle Co

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Mike Jones

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of US History: Chapter 2: Section 4-Settlement of the Middle Co

US History: Chapter 2: Section 4-Settlement of the Middle Colonies
Dutch Found New Netherland
1621- Dutch West India Company gets permission to colonize New Netherland
- Also expanded fur trade
- New Amsterdam founded- 1625
Became a diverse colony by welcoming all types of people-Germans, French, Jews, etc..
- 1660's-1/5 of people were African descent
- Had peaceful relations with Native Americans

English saw New Netherland as wedge dividing colonies.
James, Duke of York, drove out dutch.
- Became proprietor, owner of colony, and named it New York
Quakers Settle Pennsylvania
William Penn knew Quakers could not thrive in England so he looked to settle colony in America
Quakers- believed God's inner light burned inside of everyone. They did not have formal ministers, dressed plainly, opposed war, & refused to serve in military.

Penn saw colony has "holy experiment"
- Every adult male got 50 acres & right to vote
- Representative gov't & freedom of religion
- Capital- City of Brotherly Love-Philadelphia
Quakers Settle Pennsylvania
Native American relations were peaceful

Penn needed to attract settlers to create a profitable colony- printed advertisements in German, French, &Dutch.
Thousands of Germans showed up & brought skills that helped colony grow

Penn spent about 4 years in Pennsylvania.
He never profited from colony & died in debt
Values of equality, cooperation, & religious tolerance passed down to new nation
Detail 4
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