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Cultivate a Thriving Relationship With Your Child

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Emily Addison

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Cultivate a Thriving Relationship With Your Child

Environmental Factors
Sets the stage for healthy learning
Skills that help you connect:
Connection makes discipline easier, a child more responsive, and helps you see the child's needs better in the moment
Don't forget how these affect your relationship!
3 Learning Goals
Cultivate a Thriving Relationship With Your Child
Relationship Roots
Examples: School atmosphere, friendships, health, sense of stability, home life, tv time, diet, etc.
Understanding the need for healthy, consistent connection
Positive Intent
Combined with "I love you" rituals
Understanding how the brain works (and how you can help or hinder development)
Learning 7 Parenting Skills and mindsets that help you connect, teach, and model social-emotional skills & self-regulation
Building strong family connections

The Fruit of Great Relationships
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