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Design Rules

HCI , Design Rules

Neeli Khan

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Design Rules

Design Rules Ma'am Saima Iqbal Submitted By : Neeli Khan -1240
Saleha Saleem - 1285
Shaffaq Shahid - 1346 Submitted to Learnability Robustness Flexibility Neeli khan The ease with which new users can begin effective interaction and achieve maximal performance. Predictability Synthesizeability Key information or 'cues' Recognition Vs Recall Principle of Honesty Immediate Honesty Familiarity Recognizes Interface Generalizability Across a variety of applications User views their
interaction as
natural Mostly websites provide
main menu in same way Consistency Likeness in Behaviour Inconsistent way of Signup & Login Recoverability Observability Task Conformance Responsiveness Dialogue Initiative Multithreading Task Migratibility Substituitivity Customizability User Pre-emptive Simultaneous Tasks The transfer is from system to user in case of spell checks not from user to system ….. Adaptivity :
Like if I close the website and then open it again then it will not show the last visited games I played Adaptibility :
It has no adaptability feature as you cannot do any changes to the interface provided … the right are reserved
As shown This website also tells us that where we are right now and where we have been when you point the cursor to the given above icons they get yellow orange,which lets the user feel that he is interacting with the website.therefore the website is responsive User can enter the date either through the calendar given or by him/her self via keyboard in order to jump to a specific page But you can only play one game at a time No substitutivity The 'loading sign' helps user feel that the next page is loading. By clicking on the go button instead of selecting any date where it can jump to,the website again loads the same page in order to make user feel that either he should enter the date by clicking the calendar given above or by entering date himself,or he can start reading the diary from the very beginning.
The robustness of that interaction covers features that support thesuccessful achievement and assessment of the goals. In a work or task domain, a user is engaged with a computer in order to achieve some set of goals. It refers to different ways in which one can manipulate the system easily in order to exchange information Shaffaq Shahid Saleha Saleem Conclusion He can move to the next page by clicking on the arrow 'Funbrain' is a Learnable and Robust website as it satisfies most points of
2-Roubustness Software Engineering But it lacks Flexibility
So on the whole its a good website. Funbrain website follow design rules."On majority is authority " Principle
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