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Evaluation question 4 (part 1)

No description

Alisha Evans

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Evaluation question 4 (part 1)

Final cut pro x
We used final cut pro x for the first time to create a short documentary. From this we learned how to put shots on to the time line and cut them. We also learned how to use transitions and filters on shots, this was very helpful for our final video. Additionally we got taught how to add music to our film.
The Lumix ..... cameras we used are the same ones we used for photography for our magazines last year. One thing we found more difficult this year was the filming of a moving image as we had never used this feature before. We discovered after our first set of shots that the filming stopped before we actually cut is, so we had to re-shoot and count the shot in and out. We were familiar with the use of the tripod and lighting techniques from last year.
How we used media technologies in the research and planning for our music video.
How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
We used YouTube for our similar product research. Music videos are very accessible on YouTube which helped us do more similar product research in short spaces of time. Giving us more time for the planning of our own video. We found the use of YouTube very useful as we were able to access the type of existing music videos we wanted to find and analyse easily
We used blogger in both AS and A2. This year we were able to organise our ideas more efficiently using Blogger as we had previous experience using it. We were able to show our journey through text posts, embedded videos and images.
This year we were able to use Prezi more professionally as we are able to change colours and fonts to reflect the genre of music videos we are focusing on. For example, the bright colours of the powder paint in the music video is reflected in the colours and fonts we chose for this presentation. By doing this, we can see that this evaluation is clearly about our video and not a different one.
We used Flickr to show our location photographs, from this we were able to determine what our target audience would like to see in our video.
microsoft word
We used Microsoft Word to create our call sheets and risk assessments, this program is nothing unfamiliar to us as we have used it many times before in both AS media and wider uses.
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