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Coal Ash Disasters

No description

james gooch

on 26 July 2012

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Transcript of Coal Ash Disasters

Failure of main settling pond

Due to excessive precipitation followed by low temperatures

Released 1.1 billion gallons of coal ash into Emory River

101 times the size of Exxon Valdez Spill Coal Power Plants waste as fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag

Composition depends on coal type

Over 150 trace metals at 10 times concentration of coal

131 million tons annually in US

Profitable secondary market with 43% in 2010 recycled into cement, agriculture, construction materials EPA Assessment
Identified and assessed 431 coal ash impoundments

49 characterized as "high hazard" landfills

Found differences in management

EPA Proposed Changes to Regulations
Differences to regulate under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Solid waste in Subtitle D (state)
Hazard waste in Subtitle C (federal)

Review process for regulations and management, rule due in 2012 Technological Disaster:
Impoundment Failure at
TVA's Kingston Coal Plant Presentation
April 13, 2011
James Gooch
EH 515 Response Mitigation
Occurred at 12:23 AM on December 22, 2008, no deaths due to time of day Federal Review Review all TVA coal ash impoundments in TN

Determine the cause of the dike failure

Assessment of current and future impacts

Develop and implement Corrective Action Plan

Restore natural resources damaged (500 cubic yds never going to be removed)

Awaiting results of more than 500 plaintiffs in 50 lawsuits for negligence
Bridge and road (11/10/10)

Skimmer wall (12/2/10)

Utility Installations (01/09/11)

Rebuild of impoundment (ongoing) Human Health Risks
Continued exposure monitoring (air, water, riparian)

Continued direct communications

Community meetings (January, March)

Partnerships with over 100 non-government organizations

Recreational advisories

Closure of river traffic on Emory River

Transparency Community Needs Removal of Ash Purchased all private land covered by ash

414 trains of 4 millions tons to landfill in Perry County, AL near EJ Community

Remaining being stored onsite Infrastructure Primary
First Responders: TVA, Roane County Office of Emergency Management, Homeland Security

Focus on directly impacted, to provide saftey, housing, food, water

Single point of contact for each family

24-hr outreach center and 1-800 number Secondary
Monitoring of drinking water and air

Training of regional medical professionals

Heavy metal screening

Community Health Survey (Jan 8-13) with 323 residence in 1.5miles spill radius TVA’s Kingston Power Plant
1.7 GW Coal Plant

Built in 1955 to power Oak Ridge

Located on Watts Bar Lake in Kingston, TN

Coal Ash Components

Inherent waste of coal power

Known health impacts and routes of exposure Lots of Research
Published papers since 2009 (9,000)

EPA Studies (5)

ATSDR Public Health Assessment

Continued monitoring by partners

Lots of Advoacy
Reports (12+)

Lobbying on EPA Rule

Documentaries (2) Industrial Response by TVA Total Fine = $12 Million
Total Cost = $1 Billion Recovery Un-Preparedness Disaster Impact Impoundment C at Kingston
84 Acres, built in 1956

Failed stability analysis in 1982, 1985, & 1987

Residents reported leaks in 2001, 2003, & 2006
Destroyed trees, powerlines, bridge, road, water lines, rupted gas line
Damaged 42 homes, 3 homes destroyed
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