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Challenging and conforming to codes and conventions

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Laura Keable

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Challenging and conforming to codes and conventions

We decided to challenge this convention, as it is a paranormal horror, so we decided to keep our paranormal entity genderless. We thought this would make it more scary, as people would often try and guess what the "ghost" would do based on it's gender, but to keep it genderless means the audience is forced into the unknown, which brings newly found fear.
Dark Music
for tension
We felt like this was an important convention, so we decided to stick to it as it already causes the audience to feel tense and creates fear. It also can be useful to make false scares, so the music could build up and then nothing happen, and then it does happen when the audience is least expecting it. We decided to remove it when there's dialogue to make it easier for the audience to understand what is happening.
sticks to a
specific pattern
We chose not to show this convention at all as we wanted our film to remain as interesting and mysterious as possible so the audience doesn't correctly guess what is going to happen later on in the film, and so they can't predict an ending that is typical of paranormal horrors. By giving the antagonist no pattern and no full background, it creates once again, unknown fear.
1 Main Target
This is shown in a small amount by the way one character is left alone and isolated as a victim, it is not shown in the small opening scene what happens to the victim but based on most paranormal horrors the audience would have a good guess at what will happen to them. Sticking to this convention seemed like the right choice as it would've been confusing and inconvenient for the audience to try and follow a plot line where the antagonist has many victims all at once.
Unknown actors/actresses
As this was a as level project, no well known actors/actresses were used. Meaning this convention had to be stuck to. However it would've been stuck to even if larger actors/actresses had been available, as it is important to the audience that they are seeing the actor/actress as the character, rather than thinking about previous roles and the actor/actress themselves
Codes and conventions of paranormal horror films
Challenging and conforming to codes and conventions
Female antagonist
Dark music for tension
Antagonist sticks to a specific pattern
Often has just 1 main target
Unknown actors/actresses
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