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Semantic Classification of Adverbial Modifiers

No description

Mane Poghosyan

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Semantic Classification of Adverbial Modifiers

1Semantic Classification
of adverbial Modifiers The Adverbial of time For three years now Lester had been happy with Marry.
Meanwhile she expressed all her self control. The Adverbial of frequency,
which indicate how often
the event takes place. Only once in my life i have known a mother's feeling.
I have seen it a hundred times. The Adverbial of place. She was walking up and down the street.
A cat was playing in the corner. The adverbial of manner He paused with his right hand held out before him.
Julia managed Charles with wonderful skill. The Adverbial of cause(reason)
Most prepositions are composite-
-because of, due to, thanks to, for the
reason of. They can not sleep for hunger.
Her hands and feet got cold with fear. The Adverbial of purpose. I turned on my light to look at the time.
She turned off the phone to sleep long. The Adverbial of result. She was so tired as to be unable to undress.
I have suffered too much in this world not to hope for another. The Adverbial of condition. If screened,this novel will make a good film.
To hear them talk one would think they were close friends. The adverbial of concession. by the conjunctions Though, although,
The adverbial of concession is expressed as well as by the prepositional phrases
in spite of, for all, with all. In spite of the weather we went to the cinema. With all his faults, we can't but respect him The Adverbial of attendant circumstances the others to write their test. The student took his bag without bothering The Adverbial of
subsequent event. The adverbial modifier is usually
expressed by an infinitive.
She opened her purse to see that her money
was gone. The Adverbial
Of Comparison.
She has always behaved to me like a sister.
He waved his hand as if greeting me. The Adverbial
Of Degree. Now you may read to your heart's content.
Don't be too shy with her frineds.
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