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Two Maps: Peters or Mercator?

There are many debates on racism. Could it be that a thing we use every day is racist? A minor debate on the Peters map is whether the Mercator Map is racist against southern continents?

A Zare8

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Two Maps: Peters or Mercator?

Two Maps Are Butting Heads By: Ava Zaremski Problem Peters Map Mercator Projection History of Mercator Projection Problem Proportions History of Peters Map The makers and supporters of the Peters Map believe that the Mercator Map is racist. It is not racist. When a circular object is made flat it is diffucult to make it look proportionate. It is a great exaggeration to say that accidents are racist. But, it is not even racist. When looking at the satellite picture below and the Mercator map you can see that it is not that different. The makers of the Peters Map want you to spend more money on their maps. Inaccurate The Mercator Projection may be inaccurate proportionally, but, it is not racist. That is a far stretch. It seems that the makers of the Peters Map are trying to make you think badly of the Mercator Projection so you will buy their map. If you look at their map it is no more proportionate than the Mercator Projection. The stretched-out view of the continents is ridiculous. Compared to a satellite image they might want to take back their racist claims. The Mercator Projection was created by Gerardus Mercator in 1569. Back in those days there was really only one purpose for a map. This was indeed sailing. The Mercator Projection uses the cardinal directions of a compass. Therefore, a navigator will be able to draw a line to and from two countries and be able to sail that way according to his compass. The proportions of the Mercator Map are completely wrong. If you look closely you will see that Greenland and Africa look around the same size. In truth, Africa is 11.6 million square miles. Greenland is 0.8 million square miles. The Northern continents look to be equal to the Southern continents. The Northern continents are 18.9 million square miles. The Southern continents are 38.6 million square miles. The Peters Map was developed in 1974. The main idea of the map was to portray the true size of all nations and oceans. It was developed by Dr. Arno Peters at a Press Conference in Germany. It has caused quite a controversial uproar on whether the shape of continents or the size of continents matters most. The problem with the Mercator map is that it is racist. It is made to look like the northern continents are much bigger than the southern continents. This is based off the idea that bigger is better. Europeans have always believed that they are better than Southern continents like Africa. Racism should be gone by now. People know better. Instead racism is popping up everywhere, even in things as innocent as maps.
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