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Bamboo Forest

No description

Estephanny Almiron

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Bamboo Forest

Bamboo rats are herbivores. They feed of the roots and shoots of bamboos. They are another example of primary consumers. They live in bamboo thickets.
Lesser Bamboo Rats
Elephants are also herbivores. They would also be primary consumers. Bamboo is part of their diet. It's the largest land animals on Earth.
Ferns are another type of producer in a bamboo forest. They grow low to the ground. Ferns don't grow into new plants by seed but by spores. There are about 10,000 species of ferns.
Bamboo is the producer of this food chain.It is the fastest growing plants i n the planet. Bamboo can also tolerate extreme conditions.
Bamboo forests are deciduous forests.
Bamboo Forests
Bamboo Forest
Mountain Gorillas
Mountain Gorillas are another type of primary consumer. They also eat bamboo. Mountain gorillas are rather shy than ferocious. It only attacks when harassed.
Giant Pandas
Giant Pandas would be secondary consumers. They are omnivores. They mostly live eating bamboo but they also eat small mammals. It's diet is 99% of bamboo.
Red Pandas
Red Pandas are omnivores and secondary consumers. They eat bamboo, fruit and insects. They also eat small animals. They communicate through body language.
The snow leopard would be the tertiary. It is a carnivore. It is the top predator for giant pandas. They usually eat cubs.It eats many animals in its range.
A biotic Factors
An a biotic factor of a bamboo forest is it rich soil, humidity, and rainfall. There is also the wind. Some times when the wind blows its creates noise through the bamboo.
Mushrooms would be the decomposer. They feed on dead plants and animals. They grow around bamboo. They are found usually on the ground.
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