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Mr. Stack

on 23 December 2015

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Transcript of USS ARIZONA SUNK

The USS Arizona
December 7th 1941
Poor USS Arizona
Pearl Harbor
How Was It Sunk?
What Weapons Did It Have
The USS Arizona was sunk on December 7th 1941 in pearl harbor Honolulu, Hawaii by ten Japanese aircrafts all fitted with 410 millimeter armor piercing shells modified into 797 kilogram (1,757 lbs.) bombs. Kaga's aircraft bombed Arizona from amidships to stern. Later Hiryu's bombers hit Arizona in the bow area which held all of the ammunition.
The USS Arizona had 2x21 inch/45 caliber main guns in triple gun turrets backed by 22x5/51 caliber guns. Arizona also had 2x21 inch torpedo tube. She also had 4x3 inch/ 50 caliber.
Who Made The USS Arizona
The USS Arizona was created by The Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Passengers aboard the USS Arizona
1,102 of the 1,177 people sadly died from the deadly explosion. That means that 75 people survived this tragedy.
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