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Self-Portrait Photography Assignments

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Mary Hall

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Self-Portrait Photography Assignments

Self-Portrait Photo Assignment
Pick TWO from the four listed!!!
Photo Assignment 1: "Young Me/Now Me"
Find an old childhood photo of yourself
Re-create the photo with yourself in present day!
Use a lot of preparation and thought - these are usually the most successful.
Try to mimic EVERY detail.
Edit photos in Picasa. Place them side-by-side (use the collage option), and edit your new photo to mimic the look of the old one.
Assignment 2: "All The Roles We Play"
Cindy Sherman is a contemporary photographer who uses herself as the model to show different stereotypes of women.

For this project you will use yourself as the model to show the different "roles" you play in life...

When you are in class, what "role" do you play?
When you are with your siblings?
Your friends?
Church? Work? Alone?
No matter what, we 'act' differently in different situations. Who are YOU in these different situations?
Create at least 5 finished photos that portray you in different "roles"
Put these into a slideshow or gallery on your weebly.
These should be purposeful, staged photos...not snapshots!

Assignment 3: "A Day in the Life of Me"...
Take at LEAST 10 photos that illustrate the average day in the life of - you.
You may decide how to portray this creatively. Consider
unique perspective...rule of 3rds...composition...lighting...
When you have your 10 photos, you may edit them in Picasa.
Take the 10 finished photos and post them on your weebly as a slideshow, collage or gallery
Assignment 4:
"Fractured Me - Reflected Me - Distorted Me"

In this project you will play around with the emotive qualities that fracturing an image has, or shooting in a reflective surface can have...
You will be required to make 3 quality images:
Fractured Me - Take some self-portraits, print them out and then cut/glue to collage your face in a new, fractured way...
Reflected Me - Take some creative photographs of yourself in reflections...Play around with different reflective surfaces. Pick your favorite one to turn in.
Distorted Me - Here you may do anything that will change the way your face appears.
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